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Featured: Factchecking Bill Brady’s Debate Myths

In tonight’s debate, Bill Brady proved once again that he needs a full team of factcheckers to get him through a public speaking engagement.

Myth 1: Brady claimed he never said that there would be a ‘natural rise in property taxes’ from his education cuts.

Fact: Unfortunately for Senator Brady, it’s on tape. And Brady knows he said it because his plan to raise property taxes on Illinois families was widely reported around the state.

Myth 2: Brady claimed he opposed borrowing.

Fact: Last week he proposed borrowing $50 BILLION, a move that would saddle future generations with crippling debt.

Myth 3: Bill Brady said he’d fight for MAP grants for low-income college students, a program Pat Quinn saved.

Fact: Brady’s reckless education cuts would cut $130 million from our colleges, forcing tuition hikes that would turn our public universities into quasi-private institutions, and put a college education out of the reach of many students. Brady’s dime-on-every-dollar cuts will affect MAP grants, just as they will affect teachers in our school, police on our streets, and doctors in our public hospitals. Read More »

Featured: Firefighters Say…”Elect Quinn”

Citing Governor Quinn’s longtime support of firefighters and their families, the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois (AFFI) and the Chicago Firefighters IAFF Local #2 endorsed Governor Quinn on Thursday for the Nov. 2 General Election.

“Governor Quinn is the leader Illinois needs. He’s proven that he is committed to helping Illinois working families and preserving public safety in our state,” said Pat Devaney, President of Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois. “We support him 100 percent in this election, because he supports us.”

While Governor Quinn has proven he is committed to protecting public safety, Senator Brady has called for massive cuts that would devastate our public safety, lay off fire fighters, hurt our state’s economy, and result in more than 100,000 lost jobs, many in the private sector. Read More »