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Featured: Factchecking Bill Brady’s Debate Myths

In tonight’s debate, Bill Brady proved once again that he needs a full team of factcheckers to get him through a public speaking engagement.

Myth 1: Brady claimed he never said that there would be a ‘natural rise in property taxes’ from his education cuts.

Fact: Unfortunately for Senator Brady, it’s on tape. And Brady knows he said it because his plan to raise property taxes on Illinois families was widely reported around the state.

Myth 2: Brady claimed he opposed borrowing.

Fact: Last week he proposed borrowing $50 BILLION, a move that would saddle future generations with crippling debt.

Myth 3: Bill Brady said he’d fight for MAP grants for low-income college students, a program Pat Quinn saved.

Fact: Brady’s reckless education cuts would cut $130 million from our colleges, forcing tuition hikes that would turn our public universities into quasi-private institutions, and put a college education out of the reach of many students. Brady’s dime-on-every-dollar cuts will affect MAP grants, just as they will affect teachers in our school, police on our streets, and doctors in our public hospitals. Read More »