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News & Notes: Candidates File to Get on the Ballot

Lake County Democrats Alarmed that County Clerk Robin O’Connor is Running for Re-election

For Immediate Release

February 10, 2022
Contact: Lauren Beth Gash

Lake County Democrats released the following statement regarding Lake County Clerk Robin O’Connor Switching Political Party:

 Lake County Democrats will continue to fight for good government, fair elections, and voter protections, and we believe the county would be best served by a County Clerk who prioritizes these values.  

 Lake County Clerk Robin O’Connor made it clear this week that she does not believe in these values when she announced that she is switching parties to run for re-election as a Republican.  Nationally and locally, Republicans have demonstrated that they will not protect our fundamental right to vote. The Party that called the January 6th insurrection “legitimate political discourse” now wants to control the mechanisms of voting in Lake County.  Clerk O’Connor’s tenure has been marked by poor performance and wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars, including a half-million dollar ($500,000!!!) payout of taxpayer money to settle a lawsuit against her regarding her wrongful termination of two whistleblower employees.  

 Democrats made clear that they would not support her re-election as a Democrat, so, in desperation, she switched her allegiance to the party of Trump. O’Connor’s “party shopping” is just one more way that she has betrayed the voters who elected her. We look forward to nominating a strong Democratic candidate this summer and electing a County Clerk we can be proud of in November.

News & Notes: Stay Warm While Helping Democrats

February 9, 2022

In this Issue: Try These Pro Tips to Stay Warm While Helping Democrats ● Celebrating Black History Month ● Volunteer Spotlight ● In Case You Missed It ● Upcoming Events

From left, State Senate candidate Maria Peterson, Congressman Mike Quigley, and Nancy Shepherdson.

Try These Pro Tips to Stay Warm While Helping Democrats

Lake County Democrats have volunteered at outdoor petition events, knocked on voters’ doors, or signed candidate petitions since the petition effort began on January 13.

Yes, it’s a crazy time to be getting (or giving) petition signatures, but it will warm your heart to help Democrats and to get out and about. So here are some weather-tested ideas about what to wear this petition season (or any other time you’re outdoors having fun in winter weather):

  • Two pairs of pants — a loose pair over a tight pair
  • A hat that covers your ears tightly — this isn’t the time for fashion
  • A fleece or sweater over a turtleneck, under a warm coat that covers your rear
  • Two pairs of socks and perhaps Footwarmers
  • A thick scarf tied tightly around your neck
  • Gloves, preferably with haptic fingertips so you can use your phone.

We hope you’ll join us at a petition event listed below in Upcoming Events. It won’t seem nearly as cold if you follow our advice. And if you want to ask your family and neighbors to sign, we can also bring petitions to you. Contact us at

Volunteer Spotlight

Lake Dems is grateful for our many active volunteers, including the following:

Longtime cheesesteak aficionado and pierogi addict Kasia Kondracki is a Precinct Committeeperson in Lake Villa. Kasia recently stepped into the role of Chair of the Lake Villa Township Dems and is working hard to help Lake County Democrats grow in that region of our county. As part of that effort, she helped plan a recent multi-township meeting for Lake County Democrats in the northwest part of the county. Environmental justice is important to Kasia, and she has lobbied to improve air quality in Lake County. Over the years Kasia has been a valued volunteer for Lake County Democrats, helping at events, working with candidates, and more.

In Case You Missed It

Upcoming Events

Events below are taken from the complete list of Upcoming Events at here to submit your event. 


Rep. Jonathan Carroll Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser. 7-9pm, Northbrook. More.


Wauconda Township Democrats Petition Signing and New Shoe Drive Event. 10-2pm in Wauconda. Candidates at all levels of government will be attending this drive-through event. It’s an opportunity to meet the candidates, donate new shoes, enjoy hot chocolate, and sign petitions. More.


Valentine’s Petition Signing for Nancy Rotering, Candidate for Supreme Court Justice, and State Representative Bob MorganNoon to 2pm, Highland Park. Attendees can also grab lunch at a local cafe. More.

Virtual Q&A Featuring Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky with Lake County Democratic Chair Lauren Beth Gash and McHenry County Democratic Chair Kristina Zahorik1-2pm on Zoom. More.

Chocolate Fest Virtual Fundraiser for Kristina Zahorik, Candidate for State Central Committee, 11th District. 2-3pm on Zoom. More.

Super Bowl Petition Drive for Lake County Treasurer Holly Kim, Judge Reginald Mathews, Sheriff John Idleburg, and Lake County Clerk Candidate Anthony Vega. 2-4pm, North Chicago. More.

Antioch and Grant Township Democrats February Meeting
Monthly membership meeting. Online, 7-8pm. Speakers include Anthony Vega, candidate for Lake County Clerk; Tom Maillard, candidate for State Representative District 62; and Angela Baronello, Antioch School District 34 Board member. More.


Celebration of Candidate for Lake County Clerk Anthony Vega’s 30th Birthday. 6-8pm in Waukegan. More.


Democrats Open House at ArtWauk in Waukegan. 5-7:30pm. Tenth Dems and Lake Dems host an Open House at our office during Waukegan’s monthly ArtWauk event. Volunteers needed to help set up and during Open House. More.

Holly Kim Welcomes the Year of the Tiger. Virtual and online event, 6-7:30pm. Lake County Treasurer Holly Kim hosts event with a Chinatown lion dance troupe, Thai folk dancers, cultural exhibitions, and boxed refreshments. More.


Kickoff Reception for Judge Chris Kennedy, Candidate for Illinois Appellate Court, 2nd District. 5:30-7pm, Libertyville. More.

How Do I Join Lake County Democrats?

Lake County Democrats is made up of people like you, people who are passionate about building better communities and a better world. We’re a grassroots political organization, working with Democrats in all parts of Lake County – from Antioch to Highland Park, Libertyville to Waukegan, Barrington to Zion. Become a member online now or send a check payable to Lake County Democrats to P.O. Box 671, Lake Zurich, IL 60047. Questions? Contact

News & Notes: How to Reach More Democrats

Virtual Q & A with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky on February 13th

Please join Lake Dems for Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s Virtual Question & Answer session this Sunday, February 13th. Here are the details:

Virtual Q&A Featuring Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky with Lauren Beth Gash and Kristina Zahorik

When: Sunday, February 13, 2022 from 1:00 to 2:00pm

Where: Online. Register here

What: Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky holds a Meet & Greet with Lake County Democratic Chair Hon. Lauren Beth Gash and McHenry County Democratic Chair Hon. Kristina Zahorik

Hope to see you there!