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During GOP convention, Dold endorses anti-choice candidate

Deerfield, IL — With attention on the national party conventions, Rep. Bob Dold stayed in Illinois and campaigned for fellow Republican, anti-choice State Rep. Sheri Jesiel, calling her “exactly the kind of person we need in Springfield.”

Since her 2014 campaign for State Representative, Sheri Jesiel has earned high praise from anti-choice groups and has repeatedly attacked women’s reproductive rights:

  • Jesiel has led the effort to shut down Planned Parenthood in Illinois.
  • Jesiel voted against stopping religious extremists from putting women’s lives at risk by refusing to provide medical care (SB 1564).
  • Jesiel voted against increasing contraceptive coverage (HB 5576).
  • Illinois Citizens for Life gives Jesiel a 100% rating.
  • Jesiel “ran for office to protect life.” When elected, she “was advised to focus on fiscal issues. Although very important to Jesiel, she views the pro-life issue as the building block of our culture.” (Illinois Review, 5/16/2016)
  • Endorsed by the socially conservative Illinois Family Action PAC, Jesiel has “articulated personal commitment to pro-life and pro-marriage principles.”

“Republicans attacking reproductive rights need to be challenged, not embraced. Voters simply can’t trust Bob Dold to stand up for 10th District values when he stands with extreme, anti-choice Republicans like Sheri Jesiel,” said Tenth Dems Managing Vice-Chair Barbara Altman.

Recently, Dold has faced criticism for voting 22 times with his NRA-backed Republican Party to block the Terrorist No-Fly bill from reaching the House Floor despite giving a speech asking for precisely that.

The 10th District’s Democratic Candidates in the November 2016 Election

10th District – Districtwide
State Senate
State Representative
Lake County
Lake County Judge
Cook County
Judges Elected From Cook County

Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Presidential nominee. Tim Kaine is her choice for Vice President. Tammy Duckworth and Brad Schneider are the Democratic candidates for the Senate and the House in the 10th Congressional District Then the fall campaigns will be underway.

It’s imperative that we support our Democratic candidates from the top to the bottom of the ballot.  Today’s state legislator may be tomorrow’s governor; today’s county board member may be tomorrow’s Member of Congress.

Following is a list of our candidates. statewide and locally, throughout the 10th District.  In the coming months, look for articles that will provide deeper insight into these Democrats, their records, the issues they are running on, and the challenges they face in the fall and beyond.


President and Vice President – Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine running against Donald Trump and Michael Pence.

Hillary Clinton    Tim Kaine

Senator – Tammy Duckworth is running against incumbent Republican Mark Kirk.


Illinois Comptroller – Susanna Mendoza is running against the Republican Gov. Rauner appointed following the death of Republican Judy Baar Topinka.


10th District – Districtwide

Member of Congress – Brad Schneider is running against incumbent Republican Bob Dold.


State Senate

District 28 – Laura Murphy, who was appointed to the state senate in October 2015, after Dan Kotowski resigned, is facing her first election.


District 29 – Julie Morrison seeks reelection.


District 31 – Melinda Bush is seeking reelection.


State Representative

District 17 – Laura Fine is seeking reelection.

Laura Fine

District 18 – Robyn Gabel is seeking reelection.

Robyn Gabel

District 57 – Elaine Nekritz is seeking reelection.


District 55 – Marty Moylan is seeking reelection.


District 58 – Scott Drury is seeking reelection.


District 59 – Carol Sente is seeking reelection.


District 60 – Rita Mayfield is seeking reelection.


District 61- Nick Ciko will be challenging an incumbent Republican State Representative.


District 62- Sam Yingling is seeking reelection.


Lake County – Countywide

State’s Attorney – Matt Stanton won his primary race to earn the right to face the first-term incumbent Republican in a race that probably will focus on the issue of justice and preventing wrongful convictions in Lake County.


Circuit Court Clerk – Attorney Erin Cartwright Weinstein faces a first-term Republican incumbent as she fights to bring needed improvements to the Clerk’s Office.


Recorder of Deeds – Mary Ellen Vanderventer is seeking reelection.


Coroner – Michael Donnenwirth won the Democratic primary after challenging and disqualifying the nominating petitions of current Democratic Coroner Dr. Tom Rudd. Dr. Rudd has launched a campaign to obtain a spot on the ballot as an Independent.



North Shore Water Reclamation District

Ward 1 – Preston Carter is seeking reelection.


Ward 2 – Stephen  Drew is seeking reelection.


Lake County Board

District 2 – Diane Hewitt is seeking reelection.


District 4 – Retired federal officer and current forest preserve officer John Idleburg faces a Republican incumbent.


District 5 – Gloria Charland is seeking election to an open seat.


District 7 – Mary Turley faces a longtime incumbent Republican.


District 11 – Paul Frank is running for an open seat left following the retirement of Democrat Steve Mandel


District 13 – Sandy Hart is seeking reelection.


District 14 – Audrey Nixon is seeking reelection.


District 16 – Terry Wilke is seeking reelection.


District 18 – Gerri Songer faces a longtime incumbent Republican.

gSonger (1)gSonger


19th Judicial Circuit, 4th Subcircuit, Judgeship A

Appointed Associate Judge Mitchell Hoffman is seeking election to his first full term.


Cook County – Countywide

State’s Attorney – Kim Foxx, who won the Democratic primary, is seeking election.

kimfoxx (1)


Clerk of the Circuit Court – Dorothy Brown is seeking reelection.


Recorder of Deeds – Karen Yarbrough is seeking reelection

yarbrough (1)

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

MWRD President Mariyana Spyropoulos and MWRD Vice President Barbara McGowan are seeking reelection to six-year terms.

sprylopoulos (1)


Urban planner Josina Morita emerged from the primary with the right to seek election to a six-year term.


A business representative for a union local, Martin Durkan is seeking election to a two-year term.


Board of Review

{no candidate nominated}

2nd District –Michael Cabonargi is seeking reelection.


Appellate Court Judges

Eileen Burke


Bertina Lampkin


Circuit Court Judges

John Lyke, Jr.


Rossana Fernandez


Allison Conlon


Aleksandra Gillespsie


Carolyn Gallagher


Mary McHugh


Brendan O’Brien


Maureen Hannon


Suzanna Ortiz


Daniel Patrick Duffy


Patrick Joseph Powers


9th Sub Circuit

Jerry Esrig


10th Sub Circuit

Eve Marie Reilly


12th Sub Circuit

Marguerite Quinn


Janet Mahoney


Carrie Hamilton


James Hanlon


A Lesson From Jane Austen About How We Judge Character

By Eleonora di Liscia

PrideandPrejudiceBookCoverOption3Jane Austen didn’t write about politics.  She stuck to what she knew—the narrow society of the early 19th century English gentry.  But the themes she explored through that society are still instructive today—even when applied to the 2016 Presidential campaign!

Let’s take Pride and Prejudice, casting Hillary Clinton as Mr. Darcy, Donald Trump as Mr. Wickham, and the American public as Elizabeth Bennett.  Who will win Lizzie’s heart?

Lizzie first meets Darcy at a ball. He is aloof and his manners are not sufficiently ingratiating for the gentry.  He lacks superficial charm.  He won’t dance, and Lizzie overhears him making unflattering observations about her and her family.  She, and other residents of Hertfordshire, don’t like him very much.  There’s something about him they just don’t like.

But as the story unfolds, we learn that things are not what they seem.  To some extent, Darcy/Hillary is a victim of prejudice. His real character has been obscured by the media of the day—word of mouth—with some malicious gossip thrown in to stir the pot.

Soon after the ball, Mr. Wickham arrives with the militia.  Wickham has history with Darcy, and he reports that history as innuendo and half-truths, all in a way designed to make Darcy look bad. According to Wickham, Darcy was really, really mean. Darcy cheated Wickham.  He was just really, really unfair.  Because Lizzie/the American Electorate already doesn’t really like Darcy/Hillary, she is all too happy to hear bad things and to believe every word Wickham/Trump has to say.

Not only that.  Lizzie is attracted to Wickham because she thinks he is frank, open, and charming.  (OK, our analogy breaks down a bit there.  Trump is hardly charming, but his supposed “frankness” is touted by his supporters.)

It takes some time, but Lizzie is eventually undeceived. She learns that Wickham is a first class liar. Turns out Darcy wasn’t really unfair to him. The truth is that Wickham tried to run off with Darcy’s sister.  Darcy made a deal with him, paid him off, and now Wickham wants more money.  Lizzie rethinks her whole dealings with Wickham and luckily realizes her mistaken judgment about his character before she votes for him for President.  Now, she reflects, why was he telling me all that stuff when we just met? What a big mouth!  Maybe all that apparent frankness isn’t so hot.  And he was lying to me the whole time.  Gosh, how did I get suckered by that narcissistic creep?  Except when Jane Austen writes it, she puts it a lot more elegantly.

After Lizzie learns the truth, she keeps it secret to spare Darcy’s sister from becoming an item on TMZ.  Wickham attempts to run off with and thereby ruin Elizabeth’s sister, Lydia, the quintessential low-information voter.

Now Darcy comes to the rescue. Darcy/Hillary knows how to get things done.  First, demonstrating his superior administrative abilities, he finds the wayward pair.  Then, he uses his negotiating skills, honed from dealing with world leaders, to save the Bennett sisters from a life of disgraced spinsterhood.

Elizabeth falls deeply in love.  You see, once you get to know him, you learn that Darcy/Hillary is the real deal.  In Jane Austen, good character trumps glibness and facile likability every time.  You marry the guy/girl you can count on, the one who thinks about other people, not the amoral, narcissistic charmer.

As Elizabeth says of Darcy and Wickham: “One has got all the goodness, and the other all the appearance of it.”

OK, the analogy breaks down again.  Trump hardly has the appearance of goodness.  But let’s substitute the word “leadership.”  Trump’s supporters think he’ll make them safer in the world by standing up to terrorists and that he’ll get things done.  Like Wickham, however, Trump is really just a lot of hot air.

If you want real leadership, you’ve got Hillary.  She’s worked successfully in the Senate and as Secretary of State.  She’s also got real goodness.  Contrary to the media’s storyline, Hillary, like Darcy, is a much warmer and more genuine than how she is portrayed.

If Elizabeth Bennett could learn to get past appearances and pick a real gem, then so can America.

When Will These Massacres Stop??

By Steven Gan
A personal perspective  High_Capacity_Magazine_100-Shot_AR-15_M16_Box_Magazine_1

A few weeks ago, I was planning to write for this month’s issue about the Trump University debacle in which the shameful presumptive GOP nominee outrageously claimed that Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel was biased and a Trump “hater” because of Trump’s promise to build the wall of walls between the U.S. and Mexico.

I’m sick and tired of this self-aggrandizing and narcissistic low-life attempting to assassinate the character of anyone with whom he disagrees. The fact that Judge Curiel has had an exemplary career, not only as a judge, but also as prosecutor who put his life on the line by prosecuting the leaders of Mexican drug cartels, was less relevant to Trump than where the judge’s parents happened to have been born.

Although I have much more to say on this subject, events require that I turn my thoughts to the unfortunate victims of the Orlando shooting. I’ve been in such a terrible funk regarding this last mass shooting at the Orlando gay nightclub, Pulse, I can’t tell if I’m depressed, angry, or numb. To say that we Americans have been down this road countless times before is such a worn-out cliché—except that, this time, we’ve set a new record for the number of innocent people who have lost their lives for no reason at all.

While watching the talking heads on cable news either condemn the sale of assault rifles or insist that the Second Amendment protects civilian ownership of weapons of mass murder, I was struck by two frightening truths.  First, as long as Republicans have sufficient power in Congress, and the NRA can keep Republicans in line, there is little hope of enacting sensible measures to reduce gun violence.  And, second, this means that even the horrific mass shooting record set in Orlando is likely to be broken one day.

I can’t imagine what those families are going through. Their young son, daughter, parent, brother, or sister go out to a club for a little fun and end up dead. I can’t imagine how parents can go on with such a horrific tragedy weighing down on their emotional shoulders every day. Don’t the powers behind the NRA have sons, daughters, parents, brothers, and sisters?

One of the pieces to this tragedy is that although the shooter had been on a no-fly list, he was still able to obtain a gun without any special scrutiny. Although we can all agree that those who are suspected of being terrorists should not board airplanes, the NRA has asserted that restricting the ability of those same individuals to purchase firearms would be an infringement of their constitutional rights. I can’t cope with this irrational and selfish line of logic.

Guns enable, empower, and enfranchise those who should not have them to perpetrate heinous crimes. There’s no excuse for a system that allows anyone with any kind of mental instability or criminal behavior in their background to obtain a firearm, let alone one that can fire hundreds of bullets a minute. Firearms like the semi-automatic rifle that was used by the shooter in Orlando were banned for ten years, in the 1990s, until, under pressure from the NRA, the ban was allowed to expire during the Bush administration. Since then, tens of thousands of these firearms have been purchased throughout the country.  For what?  For protection?  That’s what our police and armed forces are trained for.  For hunting?  To decimate a squirrel with a hundred bullets?  No, these are weapons designed to kill a large number of people quickly and efficiently.  Where in the Constitution is there a right to kill people?

As Richard Martinez stated after his 20-year-old son, Christopher, was killed in May 2014 along with five other innocents: “Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA.”

Yes, we are at the mercy of craven Republican politicians who flinch when the NRA says flinch. Only when we get rid of the NRA’s stranglehold on more than half of our elected leaders will we be able to begin the process of making this country safer, more secure, and truly free—free for those of us who might want to go to a club for a little dancing and not worry about some crazy nut mowing us down with an assault weapon.


Brad Schneider Meets with Moraine Township Democrats

Brad Schneider joined Moraine Township Democrats at a recent organizational meeting.