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Rep. Dold chooses to “Beat Hillary” with pro-Trump group

Dold keeps his word to pro-Trump group, headlines anti-Clinton fundraiser

Double Talk Dold chooses to ‘Beat Hillary’, not to Stop Trump

Deerfield, IL — In a stunning display of campaign season hypocrisy, Republican Rep. Bob Dold (IL-10) recently headlined a “Beat Hillary” fundraiser for a pro-Trump group. This came after the vulnerable Republican politician tried winning praise by claiming to not support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Bob Dold headlined the Lake County Republicans Central Committee’s “Beat Hillary at the Distillery” fundraiser on Saturday, September 10th, in Green Oaks. Dold was joined by fellow Congressional Republicans Peter Roskam, known for his role on the Benghazi Committee, and climate change denier Randy Hultgren. Dold also was joined by Chairman of the Lake County Republicans Central Committee, Mark Shaw.

Dold’s fundraising effort directly helps the pro-Trump group, a partisan political organization dedicated to supporting the Republican ticket. The group has purchased hundreds of Trump for President yard signs available on its website. At a minimum, Dold’s support can now buy even more Trump for President signs.

“Bob Dold can try but he isn’t fooling anyone,” said Tenth Dems Co-Chair Bonnie Berger-Neel. “Voters know when Dold and his fellow Republicans hurt Hillary Clinton, they help Donald Trump. And that’s just not the side 10th District voters want to be on.”

This is more of the same for Bob Dold. Despite attempts to publicly distance himself from other Republicans, Bob Dold recently attended a private fundraiser with Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan—a Trump endorser—and the head of Donald Trump’s fundraising operation in Illinois.


(from left to right—Rep. Peter Roskam, Rep. Bob Dold, Rep. Randy Hultgren, Mark Shaw)


(Chairman of the Lake County Republicans Central Committee Mark Shaw posing enthusiastically in a “Make America Great Again” hat next to a cardboard Donald Trump)


(Trump for President signs paid for by Lake County Republicans Central Committee)


(Rep. Bob Dold addresses the audience at the pro-Trump group’s fundraiser, “Beat Hillary at the Distillery”)


(Trump for President sign paid for by Lake County Republicans Central Committee)

How I Became an Enthusiastic Volunteer for Hillary Clinton

A Personal Journey

By Bonnie Bernstein Levy

When I was growing up, Voting Day was always a happy day. I remember the excitement and pride I felt as a five-year-old, all dressed up in my best dress, wearing little white gloves, standing next to my mother in the curtained booth as she voted.

At thestevensonforprez many extended-family meals and celebrations I participated in, everyone at the grown-ups’ table was a Democrat.  And I could hear the grown-ups as they loudly discussed the issues and the candidates. So I felt informed and involved. I remember liking Adlai Stevenson who ran against Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 and 1956.  I can still see the silver shoe pin, with a hole in the bottom of the shoe.  To this day I can hear my family talk about Stevenson’s television interview where, when he crossed his leg, you could see a hole in the sole of his shoe!

We identified with Stevenson because that hole showed he wasn’t obsessed with vanity and slick looks.  He was a man who worked hard—like us.

The next campaign button I wore with enthusiasm was a shiny large pin that said: “Mamie—start packing.  The Kennedys are coming!”  I adored JFK.  We all did.  It was a time of hope and youth and excitement and promise. I still was not close to voting age, but I was an American and proud of it. How wonderful it was checking in with the local Kennedy campaign office.  How proud we were passing out literature and going door-to-door. rfk

I grew up.  I took my own daughter with me when I voted – without the white gloves.  I became a teacher.  The kids in my classes knew how proud I was to be standing with them reciting the Pledge of Allegiance each morning, and they knew I took it seriously. They modeled my strong posture, hand planted over my heart.  I felt proud that I was teaching our American system with our ideals and values to the next generation.

In 2008 I added Social Studies to my Language Arts curriculum.  How fabulous it was that I got to teach the Constitution and the electoral system—and that a neighbor of ours was running for President.  I heard kids say “My uncle goes to the same barber with him!” or “He lives down the street from us and always asks what we were learning in school.”  It was exciting that Barack Obama was one of ours.

But I didn’t ever wear another campaign button as an adult, or get involved in elections, because I felt everything was all right.

That is until now.

Last month, I listened to every word in every speech of both parties’ conventions.

First, the Republican Convention.  It was staged.  The Trump Team looked like they were pop stars auditioning for a reality show, a lot like a series of five-minute auditions for America’s Got Talent.  Appropriate, since Donald Trump created and starred in his own reality TV show, immortalizing the phrase, “You’re fired!” He craves being the star of the show. He makes no bones about it when he proclaims that he likes to win, he will win, and he will do anything he can to win.

But becoming President of the United States is not a game.  It is the opposite.  Work.  And when we hold an election we hire a President to work for us and uphold our ideals and our laws.

Donald Trump does not work well with others. He purposely surrounds himself with people who will applaud all of his ideas.

We need someone who listens thoughtfully to a variety of courses of action, even those he or she may not favor.  These are complex times, with complex issues. Donald Trump considers himself to be his own closest advisor.  And he wants us to be fearful.  He incites people to fear and to hate others.

We need a President who wants to bring us together, who likes people, who cherishes the individual.

By the close of the Republican Convention, I was furious, and worried.  Then came the Democratic Convention. clintonkaineconvention

I watched, and I listened.  The difference between the two candidates was startling. Contrasting the ersatz glam and glitz of Trump’s “reality game show” convention, Hillary’s convention was real life. She is proven, tried, and true.

Hillary has demonstrated a life-long commitment to helping people.  Real people—not those on a reality show, but the people of everyday life. And she has experience turning these ideals into real change.  Throughout her life she has worked for children, for women, for families.

And not just in the United States.  Her activism on behalf of women and children across the world is renowned. She has always fought for and achieved help for people who need help.   She articulates everything I have always believed in and have worked for as a teacher.

I had to help.  I had no idea what I could do, or where I could go, but I just had to get involved.  I googled “Hillary for President,” and I found a local phone number.  Lauren Beth Gash, the Founding Chair of Tenth Dems, answered the phone.

I asked, “How can I help?”

She said, “Come on over.”

I thought, “Now?”

Of course she meant now, and of course I went.

As I entered the office, I saw a wall festooned with posters and stickers from a multitude of elections.  The room was buzzing with the energy of people planning, talking on phones, peering at computer screens.  I was welcomed and offered cake. The frenzy provoked warm memories.  I had not worked in a Democratic office since high school. My eyes lingered on a photograph of President Kennedy and another of Bobby; they were beckoning to me. I smiled back. I was where I belonged.

We decided I would do well on the phones.  Knowing how important every single vote for Hillary is, I brushed aside my initial nervousness and could not believe when they told me the office was closing, that five hours had gone by. I was so involved…I was actually talking to other voters. I had wonderful conversations with real people with real feelings about real issues. clintonconventonWe need a President who can bring people together.  Hillary does just that.  I had always believed that, and now I was on her team, because that’s just what I did that day—I connected to people I had never met both on the phone and in the office. She brought us together.

I came home smiling, knowing that this time I was involved.  I was working for what I truly believed in.  I could make a difference.

Remember that spot above my heart that my Kennedy button occupied? Well, I’m once again pinned! This time it is Hillary who is by my heart and in my heart.

I can’t wait to get back to work.

Congress Watch: Double Talk Dold Votes in Favor of Anti-Choice Legislation

Capture Congress Watch

By Laurence D. Schiller

In the last days before the Republican Congress left Washington in late July for its extended summer vacation, while most Americans’ attention was on the Presidential race and the upcoming party conventions, the House passed the Conscience Protection Act of 2016, S. 304, along party lines.  And there was the 10th District’s Republican Congressman, Bob Dold, voting right along with his anti-choice party. cspanscreenshot-640x400jpg

It’s likely that Double Talk Dold thought that his constituents wouldn’t notice.  After all, what could be bad about a Conscience Protection Act? But those in the know are familiar with the Republican trick of papering over toxic legislation with an attractive name.

Certainly the progressive pro-choice community knew what was up.  In the days preceding the July 13 vote, more than 35 organizations wrote a letter urging a “no” vote on this bill.  The opposition included prominent women’s rights groups like the National Organization for Women, the Women’s Law Center, and the American Association of University Women; medical professional groups like Physicians for Reproductive Health, the American College of Nurse-Midwives, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals; and, of course, prominent reproductive rights advocacy groups like NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  And President Obama has promised to veto the bill, should it come to his desk.

Of course, just as important as who opposed the legislation is why they so strongly urged a “no” vote.

“The Conscience Protection Act would allow employers, insurance companies, and hospitals to discriminate against women seeking reproductive health care, seriously undermining women’s ability to obtain safe, legal abortion care,” the letter opposing the bill began.  (emphasis added)

And the letter continued with this dire warning: “The Act would not only interfere with a woman’s ability to access comprehensive health insurance coverage that enables her to make personal medical decisions with those she trusts, but it would also put a woman’s health at serious risk in emergency situations.” (emphasis added)

Despite the strong opposition from the medical, civil rights, women’s rights, and human rights communities, the leader of Dold’s caucus, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, brought this anti-choice bill to the floor on the last day before the summer recess.  And he did so rather than allow consideration of such pressing legislation as a bill to fund Zika research or to curb gun violence.

With more than 100 members of the Republican House caucus on record as co-sponsors, the bill passed on an essentially straight party-line vote.  While Democrats overwhelmingly voted against the bill, all but one Republican Congressman voted for it.

The lone Republican who voted “no” was not Bob Dold.  Despite his supposed pro-choice stance, Double Talk Dold did not break with his party.  Instead, when the time came to show where he stands on women’s reproductive rights, Dold voted “yes” to dangerous restrictions on a woman’s right to access safe, legal abortion care.  And his “yes” vote put him in alignment with such anti-choice groups as the National Right to Life and the Family Research Council—whose other primary mission is to outlaw same-sex marriage.

When Dold is in the 10th District, he may try to run away from the Republican brand, but when he casts his vote on the House floor, he can almost always be depended upon to support Republican orthodoxy.  From his vote for Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House to his most recent vote against women’s reproductive rights, Dold has demonstrated time and again that he is a loyal Republican who puts party ahead of the desires of his constituents—which shouldn’t be surprising, given Dold’s long career as a Republican operative.

Brad Schneider does more than claim he is pro-choice; he acts on those convictions.  When Brad represented the 10th District, he consistently voted to protect women’s reproductive rights.  It’s time to send Brad Schneider back to Congress and Double Talk Dold back to where he came from.

Local Democrats Now Accepting Fall 2016 Internship Applications

The Illinois Tenth Congressional District Democrats (Tenth Dems) is now accepting applications for its Fall 2016 Internship Program. Tenth Dems is a grassroots political organization that helps to mobilize voters and interest groups in one of the most hotly contested congressional districts in the nation. Our substantive Fall Internship Program offers participants the opportunity to develop specific, marketable skills in a variety of fields of study. The internship is a substantive program designed for high school, college and graduate students seeking an opportunity to become deeply engaged in the political process. Many former interns have gone on to professional political careers in Washington, D.C., or staffed national nonprofit organizations around the country.

With the 2016 general election campaigns in full swing, this is an ideal time to complete a political internship. General assignments include, but are not limited to phone banking to promote the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) initiative, door-to-door canvassing with candidates, work in campaign offices, staffing of events and issue forums, and research.

In the past, Tenth Dems interns have staffed political events featuring then Illinois Senator and now United States President Barack Obama, former U.S. Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, former presidential nominee George McGovern, former Vermont Governor and former presidential candidate Howard Dean, United States Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, as well as numerous other Illinois state and local elected officials. Interns may also complete specialized tasks in new media, IT management, and political outreach.

Acceptance into the program is selective, competitive, and contingent upon an interview. Applicants do not need to reside in the Tenth District; however, applicants must have an interest in electing Democrats, be able to travel to our offices, and devote a minimum of eight hours per week to the internship. Applicants should submit a brief paragraph explaining why they would like to be part of the program, along with a résumé summarizing their educational background and activities. Neither needs to be formal. Internships are unpaid, educational positions; however, course credit is available from some high schools and colleges.

To apply or request more information, please email: or call (847) 266-VOTE (8683). You can also “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@tenthdems).



Rep. Bob Dold led Clinton witch hunt with new Trump aide

dold on floor of gop conventionDeerfield, IL — Donald Trump’s new Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie has spent decades attacking the Clintons. Before leading the right-wing group Citizens United, Bossie made waves with the infamous House Government Reform & Oversight Committee in the 1990s, where now-Republican Rep. Bob Dold was also a partisan Clinton “investigator.”

Facing tough poll numbers in his re-election bid and Trump’s unpopularity in the 10th District, Bob Dold has said he won’t support Trump—but he’s also not supporting Clinton either. Bob Dold’s refusal to support Trump’s challenger Hillary Clinton isn’t the only reason he would be welcome at Trump Tower:

  • Fresh out of law school, Dold “cut his teeth” as a partisan “Clinton investigator” for Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN). The committee Dold worked for was so extreme, House Speaker Newt Gingrich called it a “circus” and told Burton, “I’m embarrassed for you” (Washington Post, 1/31/2012).
  • As a Republican political operative in 1992 and 1996, Dold fought to keep the Clintons out of the White House.
  • This weekend Dold headlines a partisan “Beat Hillary” fundraiser for a pro-Trump group in Lake County.

Bossie and Dold’s investigation was, at best, wasteful and partisan. In a desperate attempt to tarnish the Clintons, subpoenas were given to the wrong people, witnesses were startled by overzealous investigators, and procedural norms were ignored. It was described as “a case study in how not to do a Congressional investigation and a prime example of investigation as farce” (Los Angeles Times, 5/2/98).

David Bossie has been called a “dogged anti-Clinton sleuth” (Eric Schmitt, New York Times) for his work that “helped craft the anti-Clinton playbook in the ’90s, digging up dirt as early as 1992 on the family, and played an instrumental role in turning the Whitewater scandal into the sacred right-wing text it is today” (Alex Shephard, New Republic).

“It’s obvious that Republicans from Donald Trump to Bob Dold, from David Bossie to the Lake County Republicans, are gearing up to try to defeat Hillary Clinton,” said Tenth Dems Managing Vice-Chair Barbara Altman. “Voters aren’t fooled—when Bob Dold and his fellow Republicans hurt Hillary Clinton, they help Donald Trump. That’s just not the side 10th District voters want to be on.”