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Pro-Trump Republicans Attempt to Hide Rep. Bob Dold’s Ties to Anti-Clinton Fundraiser

Deerfield, IL — While Republican Congressman Bob Dold continues avoiding any attempt to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidential election, Dold is working against the election of Hillary Clinton. Since this position is unpopular with the voters Dold needs to cross over to his Republican side this November and directly contradicts his campaign rhetoric about not supporting either presidential candidate, it’s no surprise that the pro-Trump group Bob Dold is joining to defeat Hillary Clinton is now trying to hide Dold’s involvement in their anti-Clinton fundraiser.

The pro-Trump Lake County Republicans are promoting a fundraiser called “Beat Hillary at the Distillery” on their website. It’s visible on their homepage and through their events section.

After attention was drawn to Dold’s involvement in this anti-Clinton event, the Republicans changed how “Beat Hillary at the Distillery” was presented. Recently, for some odd reason, the group listed the same event twice.

One listing was the same as before. (Click for Screenshot)

The second listing is new. (Click for Screenshot)

Notice the different URLs at the top, namely the “2,” as in the second version of this event listing, and notice that Bob Dold’s name is somehow missing from the new page.

Days later, what’s absent from the Republican site? The old page with Dold’s name is gone. Only the new page remains.

Unfortunately for Bob Dold and his fellow Republicans, the invitation on the new page still lists him as a special guest for “Beat Hillary at the Distillery.”

“No website editing can change the fact that Bob Dold will say whatever he thinks will help him in the 10th District—a place hostile to Donald Trump’s hateful message—because Dold can’t hide from his actions,” said Tenth Dems Managing Vice-Chair Barbara Altman. “Voters aren’t fooled—when Bob Dold hurts Hillary Clinton, he helps Donald Trump. Voters know Bob Dold isn’t passively watching the presidential campaign unfold when he’s actively fundraising with pro-Trump Republicans to beat Hillary Clinton.”


Governor Mike Pence: The Poster Child for Homophobia in America

PenceforGanBy Steven Gan  – A personal perspective

By the time you’re reading this, the Republican and Democratic Conventions will have come and gone and Trump’s campaign of insults, lies, and outrageous and outlandish remarks, assertions, and beliefs will be in full swing. But now he’s going to have a sidekick who will try to modulate Trump’s sewer mouth, joining those advisors who do their embarrassing best to get Trump to be more “presidential.”

I can’t say that I was surprised when Trump picked Governor Mike Pence of Indiana to be his running mate. When he called Ted Cruz “Lying Ted,” while holding up the Bible and proclaiming him to be a religious hypocrite, Trump alienated Evangelicals throughout the country.

This was a real problem for Trump.  Most religious conservatives revere Cruz. In addition, many suspect that Trump is just not a real conservative.

So who is Mike Pence?  He was suddenly in the national spotlight in April, 2015, when he signed Indiana’s so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in Indianapolis. Although legislation with the same name was originally passed on the federal level under President Bill Clinton, and a version of it was even passed in Illinois with the support of then-Senator Barack Obama, additional legislation at the federal and Illinois State levels was also passed to make it clear that no business that sells to the public could discriminate against anyone based upon sexual orientation or sexual identity. This was not the case with Indiana’s RFRA.

But the fact that the country has overwhelmingly changed its understanding and acceptance of LGBT Americans means that any legislation that has the potential to undermine the rights of LGBT Americans is now recognized as being discriminatory.

So just after Governor Pence signed Indiana’s RFRA bill—in relative secrecy, surrounded by a bunch of conservative religious men and women and some anti-LGBT activists—he got a swift kick in the derriere when many corporate and political leaders threatened to pull their business out of his state. This would have caused serious economic damage and earned Indiana the moniker “The State of Hate.” Furthermore, the inclusion of the RFRA into the Indiana Constitution would have made it possible for florists, wedding caterers, photographers, and anyone else who sells to the public at large to say to LGBT Americans, “Sorry, but my faith doesn’t allow me to recognize your same sex wedding or other gay ceremonies. You’ll have to go somewhere else.”

From Pence’s twisted perspective, this was all perfectly logical, since a person of sincerely held religious beliefs should be able to discriminate against those who they feel might be in violation of their religious doctrine. Fortunately, the blowback made Pence’s head spin, and an amendment to the RFRA was quickly signed into law to make sure that Hoosier LGBT Americans could get their flower arrangements, photos, cakes, gowns, liquor, bands, etc. from any vendor who provides their services generally.

Pence has had a long and illustrious career when it comes to his obsession with religious liberty as an excuse for opposition to gay rights. When running for Congress in 2000, Pence’s campaign website was full of homophobic gems like this: “Congress should oppose any effort to recognize homosexuals as a ‘discrete and insular minority’ entitled to the protection of anti-discrimination laws similar to those extended to women and ethnic minorities.”

The website also declared Pence’s support for gay conversion therapy, evinced the belief that organizations receiving HIV-treatment funds under the Ryan White Care Act “celebrate and encourage” HIV transmission, and demonstrated his conviction that “homosexuality is incompatible with military service.”

In Pence’s 12 years in Congress, he voted to define marriage as only between a man and a woman, opposed measures to block employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, and opposed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. In 2009, he opposed the expansion of hate crime definitions to include crimes motivated by sexual orientation because he claimed that it would have a “chilling effect” on religious expression. A year later, he told CNN that open LGBT military service amounts to “social experimentation.”

So here we have it. Trump picked Pence to shore up the Evangelical vote.  And rumor has it that Pence was willing to be Trump’s running mate because his reelection as Governor of Indiana was in doubt. So I say to Mike Pence:

Hopefully this will be your last year in any government office as your bigoted and discriminatory beliefs towards LGBT Americans have no place in a civilized, enlightened, inclusive, and rational society.

And shame on you, Donald Trump, for your willingness to exploit Pence’s homophobia to further your own ambitions.


Dold’s House and Kirk’s Senate Take a Seven-Week Vacation After Doing Nearly Nothing All Year

Capture Congress Watch

By Laurence D. Schiller

The news headlines are dramatic: Shootings in Orlando, Baton Rouge, Portland, and Dallas, coastlines from the Atlantic to the Gulf disappearing as ocean levels rise, towns in Louisiana and Alaska literally having to be abandoned for the same reason, the Zika virus spreading through the US, lead-poisoned water in Flint and in Chicago schools—and Congress takes a seven-week vacation.


Wait, what? Yes, the Senate and House have recessed until after Labor Day, having accomplished hardly anything. Republican 10th District Congressman Bob Dold’s good buddy, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), even recessed the House a day earlier than the Senate.  Just one month after Orlando, two weeks after a dramatic sit-in by Democratic (and only Democratic) lawmakers, and a week after Dallas, Ryan continued to refuse to hold a vote on a commonsense gun bill that would deny access to assault weapons to suspected terrorists.

Meanwhile, Illinois’ Republican Senator Mark Kirk’s friends in the Senate majority continue to refuse to do their constitutional job to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court.  Judge Merrick Garland has been waiting for hearings for more than four months, which is unprecedented.  And the Republican Senate majority is playing politics with the need for funds to fight the Zika virus, adding to the Zika funding bill Tea Party-backed amendments that would defund Planned Parenthood and loosen Clean Water Act regulations.

This 114th Congress has been the most unproductive Congress since the American Civil War. Neither chamber managed to pass more than a handful of the 12 annual appropriations bills this year.  The new fiscal year begins October 1, and Congress won’t even be in session again until after Labor Day.

And those appropriations bill the Republican Congress did bring up for a vote were larded with dozens of amendments attacking women’s health, defunding Planned Parenthood, and trying to overturn President Obama’s executive orders or decisions by the Supreme Court. For example, the House recently attached the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015 to a Senate bill called the National Sea Grant Act (S. 764)—a bill that, needless to say, had nothing to do with women’s health. And the Republican-controlled Congress has managed to send to the President only a temporary bill funding the Federal Aviation Administration—the agency that oversees airline safety.

So what about Bob Dold and Mark Kirk? Dold claims—in press releases and TV interviews—to support legislation to curb gun violence. But when Democrats staged a sit-in to try to force the leadership of Dold’s party to move such legislation forward, Dold was nowhere to be found. He’s neither protested his party’s cozy relationship with the NRA nor influenced Republican leaders to heed the people’s overwhelming desire for action. In fact, since the June sit-in, Dold has joined fellow Republicans in no fewer than seven party-line votes that prevented gun safety legislation from coming to the floor. CW2

On the Senate side, despite Mark Kirk’s very public meeting with Judge Garland, Republican Senate leadership stubbornly refuses even to hold hearings on the nominee.

 Dold and Kirk have tried to distance themselves from their party’s deliberately ineffective do-nothing Congress. But they have neither renounced that party nor moved it back toward the center. As longtime members of the Republican Party, which controls both houses of this deplorable Congress, neither Dold nor Kirk can duck responsibility for Congress’ failures.

Dold and Kirk excel at PR, but they’re failures when it comes to governing.  Why would the voters of the 10th District send either one of them back to Washington next year for more of the same?

If You Feel the Economy Has Left You Behind, Vote Democratic

By Murray Levin

Donald Trump has gained much of his support from people who feel that their financial condition has stagnated for the last several years. They know that their incomes and social situations have not improved and may have deteriorated. They have little hope for improvement. They blame both political parties and the Obama Administration. They blame NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), which makes them angry at Hillary Clinton because her husband signed NAFTA when he was President. In fact, NAFTA was negotiated mostly by the George H. W. Bush administration, but since it was signed by Bill Clinton shortly after he became President, Clinton tends to get the blame (or credit) for this trade agreement. 1939-2014Manufacturingmonthlycopy

Here’s another fact.  Although some jobs probably have been lost because of NAFTA, the largest number of US manufacturing jobs lost over the last several decades were lost between 2000 and 2010— mostly during the George W. Bush administration.  Since 2010, the US economy has actually gained manufacturing jobs.

These facts bear repeating.  The majority of manufacturing jobs were lost to other countries during the George W. Bush Republican administration, and the Obama administration has increased manufacturing jobs in the U.S.  Of the five million U.S. manufacturing jobs that went overseas during the first decade of this century, over three million were lost to China and several hundred thousand more to other Asian countries.  This large number of jobs went to China and other Asian countries because U.S. businesses found it cheaper to manufacture there despite some terrible quality and safety issues. This occurred after China was allowed to enter the World Trade Organization in December, 2001, during the Bush 43 administration. The Bush administration put up few if any obstacles to this shift of jobs to China and other Asian countries.

NAFTA was not the cause of this job loss.  Only 20 percent of the five million jobs lost from 2000 to 2010, about one million, went to Mexico and Canada, the two countries that were part of NAFTA. What happened in Asia from 2000 forward cannot be attributed to Bill Clinton’s having signed NAFTA, much less to his first lady, Hillary Clinton.

One answer to bringing back U.S. jobs is government-funded infrastructure improvement.  However, the Republican leadership in the Senate and House has done everything it can to block President Obama’s efforts to create construction jobs through programs to improve our infrastructure.

Of course, we know why infrastructure improvement, a program that should be noncontroversial, has been blocked over the last seven and a half years. Senator Mitch McConnell, leader of the Senate Republicans, famously called a meeting immediately after President Obama’s first inauguration in 2009 and launched his plan to obstruct everything Obama wanted.  The result?  No infrastructure jobs, no new energy jobs, no government-supported jobs program.

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have championed infrastructure job creation as a way of providing better jobs for the lower and lower-middle economic classes.

The anger of those who are justifiably unhappy with their current economic lot should be directed in the appropriate direction—at the loose attitude toward job loss to China by the Bush 41 administration and at Republicans in Congress, who have blocked President Obama’s efforts to build a better economy.

Donald Trump’s economic plans, which have been blasted by economists of all political and social leanings, would only make things worse. Investment in new jobs would be difficult, if not impossible, if Trump’s plan to decrease tax rates for the wealthy and for corporations were implemented.  In contrast, Clinton wants to make sure that the rich and the companies pay their fair share so that our country’s economy can move forward with investment in our infrastructure and education.

These are only some of the reasons why election of Democrats like Brad Schneider and Tammy Duckworth is essential to helping the next Democratic administration break the logjam in Washington and get our country moving forward again.

Bob Dold, Stop Supporting Donald Trump

10250109_10152345788268756_7152906309193537781_nDouble Talk Dold’s actions don’t match his campaign season rhetoric

Deerfield, IL — The Tenth Congressional District Democrats (Tenth Dems) calls on Congressman Bob Dold to stop supporting Donald Trump. Voters turned off by and fearful of the prospects of a Trump presidency want to know: What exactly is Bob Dold doing to stop Donald Trump? While he repeats a talking point that sounds significant, Bob Dold shows a troubling unwillingness to stop Trump.

Republican Bob Dold told the public that he can’t support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, that he’ll write-in a mysterious other person. Just this past weekend, Dold was asked by radio host Bill Cameron who he was going to write-in for President. Bob Dold responded, “Well, I haven’t figured out who I’m going to write-in” (Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron, 8/14/16).

It’s no surprise Bob Dold can’t suggest a single alternative with a plausible chance to deny the White House to Trump. None of what Dold says shows an actual effort to stop Trump.

Even worse, Bob Dold is headlining a Republican “Beat Hillary at the Distillery” fundraiser with two other Republican members of Congress.

“10th District voters aren’t fooled by Bob Dold’s games. They know that stopping Trump means doing everything possible to actually stop Trump, the least of which is supporting the only person with a reasonable chance of defeating him. Bob Dold can’t say he doesn’t support Donald Trump when he’s actually working to beat Hillary Clinton,” said Tenth Dems Managing Vice-Chair Barbara Altman.

Bob Dold’s inner turmoil about how he would feel in the voting booth is meaningless. What matters to the people of the 10th District is whether Trump is elected. Dold should stop talking about how his vote makes him feel and start acting to stop Donald Trump.

In fact, Double Talk Dold’s partisan anti-Clinton fundraiser proves that his comments have been nothing but empty rhetoric. Only someone content with Trump winning the election would pay lip service to voters and the press, promise something that can’t be proven, and then take no action to stop Trump.

It’s clear that’s the path Bob Dold has chosen. Dold is working to help elect Trump while telling the public he doesn’t support him. Bob Dold should stop supporting Trump and actually start showing people how he is going to stop him.