Democrats Emerge the Clear Choice for Voters in Illinois’ 10th Congressional District

“Tenth Dems congratulates all of our wonderful Democratic candidates. Some of our victorious candidates include Tammy Duckworth, Susana Mendoza, Kim Foxx, Brad Schneider, Melinda Bush, Julie Morrison, Sam Yingling, Carol Sente, and Erin Cartwright Weinstein.

Overall, last Tuesday was an overwhelming success for the people of the 10th District. Democrats up and down the ballot won. Some candidates were strongly favored, while some surprised prognosticators. All were part of a ticket that withstood the rightward pull seen in so many areas of the country.

In one of the most closely-watched races this cycle, Democrat Brad Schneider comfortably defeated incumbent Republican Congressman Bob Dold. Schneider’s victory was a repudiation of Dold’s double talk and a clear signal that voters want someone to act on their behalf, not someone who just says what they want to hear. Now, more than ever, the people of the 10th District must be represented in Washington by someone who is not afraid to stand up to Donald Trump and a right-wing Congress if and when they continue their assault on the environment, gun violence legislation, women’s choice, immigration reform, and an economy that works for all. Fortunately, Brad Schneider is the voice the 10th District needs.

Tenth Dems is proud to have helped so many 2016 candidates who will continue to build on the progress we’ve made nationally, statewide, and locally, and who will stand up to those looking to take us backwards.”

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