Fact Check: Dold funded Trump turnout operation, despite rhetoric

10250109_10152345788268756_7152906309193537781_nDeerfield, IL — With less than two weeks before Election Day, Republican Rep. Bob Dold continues to say one thing while doing another. Dold is hoping splashy TV ads distort reality: Bob Dold wants 10th District voters to think he doesn’t support Donald Trump, but behind the scenes Dold supports the groups turning out the vote for Trump in Lake County.

Here is reality: “The Lake County Republicans are working to turn Illinois into a red state. From now until the election, calls on behalf of Donald Trump, as well as other local GOP candidates will be made from Lake County Republican Headquarters, 320 Peterson Road, Libertyville” (Lake County Republican Federation e-newsletter, 10/25/16). The Lake County Republican Central Committee (whose website is www.lakecountyrepublicans.com) and the Lake County Republican Federation are located at that address.

After publicly claiming he wouldn’t support Donald Trump, Bob Dold headlined a closed-door “Beat Hillary at the Distillery” fundraiser for the Lake County Republican Central Committee and the Lake County Republican Federation.

Bob Dold’s campaign has given the local Republican groups money over the years, including $2,250 to the Lake County Republican Central Committee and $1,850 to the Lake County Republican Federation during the 2016 cycle (Illinois State Board of Elections).

In addition to phone calls getting out the vote, a voter guide from Lake County Republicans encourages the election of Donald Trump. An anti-Hillary, “Let’s Make America Great Again!” message is included in the Lake County Republicans’ voter guide. The disclaimer at the bottom reads, “Paid for by the Lake County Republican Central Committee.”


Custom-made Trump yard signs displayed with the Lake County Republicans’ website have been created, and they’re paid for by the Lake County Republican Central Committee.


Here is Chairman of the Lake County Republican Central Committee Mark Shaw wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat with the Lake County Republicans’ website on it, posing next to Trump supporter, former Rep. Joe Walsh, at the Lake County Republicans’ picnic.


Trump yard signs are available on the Lake County Republicans’ website at http://lakecountyrepublicans.com/get-a-trump-yard-sign/.

The Lake County Republicans bring a Donald Trump cutout with them to events, like the one below at the Lake County Fair:


It’s clear Bob Dold backs partisan groups that aren’t accidentally dialing for Donald but ones that actually support him and are working to elect Trump. Double Talk Dold can look into the camera and say otherwise, but 10th District voters know better than to believe more campaign rhetoric from Republican Bob Dold.

This aligns with other Dold behavior regarding the presidential race:

  • Dold said voting for Hillary Clinton would be a “disaster” and a “mess” — stronger rhetoric than he’s ever publicly used about Trump (NBC Ward Room, 10/17/16).
  • Dold has held zero “Beat Trump” fundraisers.
  • Dold described Hillary Clinton in a TV ad as “what’s wrong with politics” for asking people to look at Donald Trump’s record. He compared that statement to Trump calling Clinton the devil.

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