Rep. Dold chooses to “Beat Hillary” with pro-Trump group

Dold keeps his word to pro-Trump group, headlines anti-Clinton fundraiser

Double Talk Dold chooses to ‘Beat Hillary’, not to Stop Trump

Deerfield, IL — In a stunning display of campaign season hypocrisy, Republican Rep. Bob Dold (IL-10) recently headlined a “Beat Hillary” fundraiser for a pro-Trump group. This came after the vulnerable Republican politician tried winning praise by claiming to not support Donald Trump.

Bob Dold headlined the Lake County Republicans Central Committee’s “Beat Hillary at the Distillery” fundraiser on Saturday, September 10th, in Green Oaks. Dold was joined by fellow Congressional Republicans Peter Roskam, known for his role on the Benghazi Committee, and climate change denier Randy Hultgren. Dold also was joined by Chairman of the Lake County Republicans Central Committee, Mark Shaw.

Dold’s fundraising effort directly helps the pro-Trump group, a partisan political organization dedicated to supporting the Republican ticket. The group has purchased hundreds of Trump for President yard signs available on its website. At a minimum, Dold’s support can now buy even more Trump for President signs.

“Bob Dold can try but he isn’t fooling anyone,” said Tenth Dems Co-Chair Bonnie Berger-Neel. “Voters know when Dold and his fellow Republicans hurt Hillary Clinton, they help Donald Trump. And that’s just not the side 10th District voters want to be on.”

This is more of the same for Bob Dold. Despite attempts to publicly distance himself from other Republicans, Bob Dold recently attended a private fundraiser with Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan—a Trump endorser—and the head of Donald Trump’s fundraising operation in Illinois.


(from left to right—Rep. Peter Roskam, Rep. Bob Dold, Rep. Randy Hultgren, Mark Shaw)


(Chairman of the Lake County Republicans Central Committee Mark Shaw posing enthusiastically in a “Make America Great Again” hat next to a cardboard Donald Trump)


(Trump for President signs paid for by Lake County Republicans Central Committee)


(Rep. Bob Dold addresses the audience at the pro-Trump group’s fundraiser, “Beat Hillary at the Distillery”)


(Trump for President sign paid for by Lake County Republicans Central Committee)

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