Pro-Trump Republicans Attempt to Hide Rep. Bob Dold’s Ties to Anti-Clinton Fundraiser

Deerfield, IL — While Republican Congressman Bob Dold continues avoiding any attempt to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidential election, Dold is working against the election of Hillary Clinton. Since this position is unpopular with the voters Dold needs to cross over to his Republican side this November and directly contradicts his campaign rhetoric about not supporting either presidential candidate, it’s no surprise that the pro-Trump group Bob Dold is joining to defeat Hillary Clinton is now trying to hide Dold’s involvement in their anti-Clinton fundraiser.

The pro-Trump Lake County Republicans are promoting a fundraiser called “Beat Hillary at the Distillery” on their website. It’s visible on their homepage and through their events section.

After attention was drawn to Dold’s involvement in this anti-Clinton event, the Republicans changed how “Beat Hillary at the Distillery” was presented. Recently, for some odd reason, the group listed the same event twice.

One listing was the same as before. (Click for Screenshot)

The second listing is new. (Click for Screenshot)

Notice the different URLs at the top, namely the “2,” as in the second version of this event listing, and notice that Bob Dold’s name is somehow missing from the new page.

Days later, what’s absent from the Republican site? The old page with Dold’s name is gone. Only the new page remains.

Unfortunately for Bob Dold and his fellow Republicans, the invitation on the new page still lists him as a special guest for “Beat Hillary at the Distillery.”

“No website editing can change the fact that Bob Dold will say whatever he thinks will help him in the 10th District—a place hostile to Donald Trump’s hateful message—because Dold can’t hide from his actions,” said Tenth Dems Managing Vice-Chair Barbara Altman. “Voters aren’t fooled—when Bob Dold hurts Hillary Clinton, he helps Donald Trump. Voters know Bob Dold isn’t passively watching the presidential campaign unfold when he’s actively fundraising with pro-Trump Republicans to beat Hillary Clinton.”


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