Rep. Bob Dold’s Partisan Past Haunts Him in 2016

Rep. Bob Dold’s Partisan Past Haunts Him in 2016
Waukegan, IL – Republican Rep. Bob Dold just can’t hide from his anti-Clinton past. Dold’s Republican Party is still talking about the absurd, debunked conspiracy theory accusing Hillary Clinton of murdering her friend Vince Foster who committed suicide in 1993.

While Dold remains quiet about his time as a GOP operative for Republicans Dan Quayle and Bob Dole, he particularly avoids telling 10th District voters how he served as an “investigator” for a Republican-led congressional committee so reckless that it managed to embarrass even Newt Gingrich. The vehemently partisan chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN), Dold’s former boss, actually took it upon himself to shoot a “head-like object” (supposedly a watermelon) in a pathetic attempt to prove that Hillary Clinton murdered Vince Foster. 2817285f-df4a-445f-8b5c-56da802598c1

The people of the 10th District found it embarrassing then and embarrassing now. Dold should come clean about his role in the Republican-led witch hunts, but he’s been a loyal, partisan Republican for far too long. Hillary Clinton won’t get Bob Dold’s vote this fall but maybe Dold’s Republican pals will get some of his anti-Clinton notes.

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