Double Talk Dold Needs ‘The Donald’

Republican Rep. Bob Dold Can’t Win Without Trump Voters

TrumpWaukegan, IL – National Republicans support Rep. Bob Dold (IL-10) because he’s been with them for decades, going back to his time spinning political messages for Dan Quayle and “investigating” the Clintons for House Republicans in the 1990s. The same national Republicans who count on Bob Dold to vote them into leadership are warming up to Donald Trump because they need his voters to push their right-wing agenda.Trump

Similarly, while Dold puts on a show for the cameras about how he can’t possibly support Donald Trump in the fall, he too needs Trump voters to win. Dold’s Republican base, like the GOP base at large, is strongly behind Trump. Here is how he did with Republican primary voters in the 10th District:

  • Trump received the most votes in the Republican primary in the 10th District.
  • Trump won a majority of townships in the 10th District.
  • Trump won over 60% of the precincts in the 10th District.

Trump’s message might work in the Republican primary but it’s toxic in a 10th District general election. Dold, a career GOP operative, knows this. But while Double Talk Dold objects publicly, privately he’s counting on Trump-Dold Republican voters to provide the bulk of his support.

Dold, like his right-wing allies in Washington, needs Donald Trump supporters to win. But there is no way the people of the 10th District will choose to be represented by that coalition. This fall they are going to reject Republicans Donald Trump and Bob Dold.


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