Double Talk Dold’s Actions Trump His Words

Waukegan, IL — Republican Congressman Bob Dold is in trouble this November. As he tries to hold onto his seat, Double Talk Dold continues to say one thing while doing another.

In 2014, Dold argued to 10th District voters that he was needed in Congress to break gridlock. Two years later, the GOP has become even more right-wing, so much so that Dold’s Republican Party is poised to nominate Donald Trump as its presidential candidate.

Dold is rightfully scared.  He told The Washington Post, “For me, it’s personal. [Trump’s] comments about women, his comments about minorities, about Latinos — for me that’s not a guy I would support” (The Washington Post, 2/22/16).

But posing as “not Trump” by avoiding inflammatory rhetoric is insufficient.

In response to Dold’s comments, Tenth Dems’ Founding Chair Lauren Beth Gash said, “It’s personal to 10th District voters that Bob Dold won’t endorse the Paycheck Fairness Act, voted for the ‘Let Women Die Act,’ and tried dozens of times to repeal Obamacare (Chicago Tribune, 10/16/14). That’s not a guy the 10th District will support this fall.” 

Desperate to appear untied to his unpopular party, Double Talk Dold now shrugs and says people should just ignore the fact that he’s Republican. This is the same Dold who signed a contract with national Republicans in return for strategic support and “a special pot of cash” (The Washington Post, 2/22/16). This is the same Dold who co-hosted a Chicago fundraiser for right-wing ideologue, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, last month (Crain’s Chicago Business, 1/26/16). It’s the same Dold who worked for Republicans Dan Quayle, Bob Dole, and Clinton conspiracy theorist Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN).

Dold can run from Trump’s words but he can’t hide from his own poor attempt to reflect the values of the 10th District.


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