Dold’s Budget Vote Shows His True Stripes

By Stuart Kronish

On March 25, the Republican led House of Representatives, together with Congressman Robert Dold’s vote, passed a budget. The following are some of the spending cuts that Dold voted for:

…Privatize Medicare, converting it into a voucher program which may not cover high hospital and medical bills, saddling people with debt.Dold_Bob
…Eliminate the Affordable Care Act leaving 16.4 million mostly newly insured again at the mercy of insurance companies. (Dold’s web site, at odds with his vote, states that the law should be fixed not repealed).
…Slash funding for education, infrastructure and scientific research as we continue to fall behind other developed countries.
…Reduce funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program leaving some low-income families without insurance for their children.
…Reduce funding for educational Pell grants which help more than 8 million low and middle income students pay for college.
…Allow the American Opportunity Tax credit to expire. These credits also help families send their children to college.
…Cut the food stamp program for low-income families by one-third resulting in hunger and malnutrition.
…Allow provisions of the Earned Income Tax and Child Credit Act to expire which will push families further into poverty.

Dold’s Republican Party maintains that this budget is a road map to a stronger America. Stronger for who?

Stuart Kronish
Highland Park, Illinois


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