DIRECTIONS to Protest in Evanston Where Rep. Eric Cantor Will Speak

Date: Friday, October 28, 2011

Time: 11:00 am

Location: James L. Allen Center, 2168 Campus Drive, Evanston, east of Sheridan near Lake Michigan

Contact: RSVP by email to Sharon Sanders.

Eric Cantor, the keynote speaker at the Kellogg Business School on the Evanston campus represents everything most Democrats do not. We want fair capitalism with fair regulations and fair taxes and equality for all our citizens. He represents the philosophy of the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party which is for the 1%.

Those who wish to attend can meet at 11:00 am. Bring your signs and bring your voice. To get to the SW entrance, walk east through parking lot on Sheridan just south of Garrett Seminary. Two hour parking on nearby streets is available or use the purple line CTA. Get off at Foster Street and walk east to Sheridan.

This rally is not associated with any group and represents the 99% of us who care for fairness and justice for all.

Join us! Help elect Democrats in our area:

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