March 2016 Newsletter

2016 March Newsletter

Tenth Dems March Newsletter

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In this issue of Tenth News:

6th Annual Community Connection Poetry and Prose Competition Planned
The Community Connection Poetry and Prose Awards Night is always a moving event.  Although the 6th Annual Awards Night isn’t until April 21, the competition already has begun as high school student poets are inspired by this year’s topic, Justice.  It’s not too late to volunteer to help with this very special Tenth Dems project.

Brad Schneider, Nancy Rotering Answer Questions at Voter Forums
By Ellen Herdeck
The recent candidate forums sponsored by Tenth Dems and Lake Forest College brought out big crowds who had the opportunity to see both candidates for the 10th District congressional seat face tough questions from the panel of professors as well as from audience members.

Congress Watch: Mark Kirk’s Anti-Environment Stance in the Senate
By Laurence D. Schiller
Republican Senator Mark Kirk, whose Democratic challenger will be decided March 15, has voted repeatedly against environmental protections and for legislation that threatens our environment.  We need to replace him with a Democrat who will be the steward of our planet and its resources that Illinois deserves.

Do the Math: A Vote for Bob Dold is Basically a Vote for the Tea Party
By Jeff Hupert
The real Bob Dold, the one who supports his extreme Republican colleagues in the House, will no doubt continue to further the right-wing agenda if he is returned to Congress as he casts his very first vote for Paul Ryan to continue as Speaker of the House.

Hillary Clinton is the Best Choice
By Steve Sheffey
A Tenth Dems leader who is running as a delegate for Hillary Clinton explains why he feels so strongly that “she is the best choice for our party and our country.”

Why I Support Bernie Sanders for President
By Sharon Sanders
A Tenth Dems leader who is running as a delegate for Bernie Sanders explains who Bernie is and why she is “giving 110 percent” to his campaign.

A Martin O’Malley Supporter Says Thank You
By Kerry Martin
A Tenth Dems leader who was running as a delegate for Martin O’Malley tells his candidate’s story and predicts that “the best is yet to come for Martin O’Malley and…progressivism and the country.”

Tammy for Illinois: Investing in Our People Through Higher Education
By Rep. Tammy Duckworth (IL-8)
Continuing the Tenth News series of candidate submissions, 8th District Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth makes the case for why she is the best candidate to face Republican incumbent Senator Mark Kirk in the November election.

March 15 Primary: Early Voting Has Begun!
It’s not too early! Really! Early voting for the March 15 Illinois primary has started, and we have answers to most of your election questions.

Tenth Dems Gather to Watch Iowa Caucus Results
Political junkies shared excitement, astonishment and more, to go along with some quality eats, at the Tenth Dems Iowa Caucus Watch Party.

A Personal Perspective: Marco Roboto Rubio – Hopefully His Batteries Will Fizzle Out Soon
By Steven Gan
A particularly appalling debate performance by Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio got the attention of a regular Tenth News contributor.

One Supreme Reason to Vote in November
By Mark Rosenberg
As if the stakes weren’t already high enough, the unanticipated death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and the political gamesmanship that has followed, is making the 2016 election cycle even more frenzied and partisan.

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