February Newsletter: Celebrating Dr. King, Protesting Gun Violence, Hearing from Candidates, and much more…

2016 February Newsletter

Tenth Dems February Newsletter

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In this issue of Tenth News:


Physicians and Guns
by Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
Guns and gun safety have been debated in nearly every way imaginable, yet far too little is being done to protect society’s most vulnerable citizens—our children. A pediatrician speaks out.

Tenth Dems Celebrate the Life and Legacy of Dr. King
The January birth date of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., provided a focal point for a number of local events, and Tenth Dems leadership was there to help celebrate Dr. King’s legacy.

Congress Watch: Double-Talk Dold’s Desperate Deception
While Republican Bob Dold intensifies his PR campaign, he continues to act as a reliable right-wing ally of his pal Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House.

Candidate Submissions: Brad Schneider, Nancy Rotering, Andrea Zopp
With the Illinois primary right around the corner, Tenth News invited Democratic congressional campaigns to submit an article by or about their candidate, with a photo.  Read what House candidates Mayor Nancy Rotering and former Congressman Brad Schneider, and Senate candidate Andrea Zopp submitted for this issue.

Mayor Nancy Rotering to Appear in Second Congressional Candidate Forum
On January 27, former Congressman Brad Schneider appeared in a forum jointly sponsored by Tenth Dems and Lake Forest College.  Mayor Rotering’s forum is set for February 10.  Read reports of both candidate events in our March issue.

It’s Time to Enact Reasonable Gun Safety Measures
by Mark Mayer
Can one person make a difference? Read about the efforts of a local Deerfield resident to do just that.

Illinois’ Social Service Agencies Suffering Under Rauner
by Daniel Biss
Anyone under the impression that Governor Bruce Rauner is doing all he can to protect Illinois’ social safety net and our most vulnerable citizens can read here about just some of our state’s human services providers in dire financial straits.

Ted Cruz’s Hypocritical Tea Party Values
by Steven Gan
Who’s scarier, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz? A regular Tenth News contributor has made his selection, and he explains his reasoning.

On the Campaign Trail in Iowa with the Mikva Challenge
by Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
Being a chaperone to a group of Chicago high school students traveling for a weekend in Iowa during the height of the campaign season can be exciting. Just ask this Mikva Challege volunteer!


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