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2015 November Newsletter


Tenth Dems November Newsletter

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Congress Watch: Bob Dold, Republican Party Animal
The disinformation campaign spreading the lie that Bob Dold is a moderate continues. In fact, Congressman Dold is a lifelong, partisan Republican, as we document in this month’s Congress Watch.

Women in Politics Panel (Plus One) Pleases All Present
by Carol Hillsberg
A Tenth Dems University event got October off to a rousing start with a crackerjack panel of women in politics, plus a bonus appearance by a big-name Democrat.

Dold Joins Republican Freedom Caucus to Support Alternative to Raising the Debt Ceiling
by Ron Altman
Until the recent last-minute compromise reached in Congress to raise the debt ceiling happened, things were on track for a possible default on the national debt with a bill passed in the House with the help of 10th District Congressman Bob Dold.

Econ 101: Debt and Deficit
by Larry A. Marks
We present the first in a three-part series on the fundamentals of macro-economics, including the difference between debt and deficit.

Obamacare Entering Its Third Year
by Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
Obamacare, the program that Republicans would still like to kill, and the program that continues to become more effective with each passing month, is celebrating another milestone.

Didn’t It Make You Proud to Be a Democrat?
by Barbara Altman
Republican candidates just concluded their third embarrassing Presidential debate. What a startling contrast these have been to the Democrats’ first Presidential debate.

ArtWauk Provides Opportunity for Lively Organizing Meeting
by Susan Zingle
The third Saturday of October brought another ArtWauk to Waukegan, and Tenth Dems Community Connection was ablaze with energy.

An Open Letter to Senator Rand Paul About His Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell Policy for the Workplace
by Steven Gan
Senator Rand Paul’s recent response to a question about workplace discrimination against LGBT employees has one of our Tenth News regular contributors talking back.

Disastrous Effects of Rauner Agenda Aired at Labor Town Hall
by Roger Baron
Tenth Dems attended a town hall meeting in Gurnee at which both rank-and-file union members and Democratic candidates discussed the effects on working people of the disastrous policies of Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

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