Republican Congressman Bob Dold’s Deep Anti-Clinton Roots

Highland Park, IL – Thanks to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) it’s no secret that the House Benghazi Committee is designed to hurt Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers in the middle of a presidential election. Of course, this isn’t the first time Republicans have wasted time and tax dollars attacking the Clintons. In fact, our very own Republican Congressman Bob Dold has a history of playing partisan politics in an attempt to take down the Clintons.Dold-Clinton

Dold’s political career was interrupted when Bill Clinton defeated Dold’s boss, Vice President Dan Quayle. Dold then worked for Bob Dole in his failed effort to retake the White House for the Republican Party.

Then Dold joined other Republicans obsessed with investigating the Clintons as part of a congressional committee so reckless that it managed to embarrass even Newt Gingrich. When the Chairman of Dold’s committee (Rep. Dan Burton) wasn’t busy shooting watermelons to desperately prove a conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton murdering her friend (Vince Foster) who actually had committed suicide, he was wasting taxpayer money on heavily-edited tapes to show that she was guilty of yet a different crime. (The Washington Post, 1/31/12)

Nowadays, Bob Dold either painfully avoids mentioning his unpopular political party or talks as if all he did was flip a coin to decide which party’s ticket to run on. Given his often-overlooked career as a Republican partisan, it’s preposterous, but a neat trick. Maybe he learned it from Quayle, Dole, or Chairman Burton. Perhaps he was instructed to use it by the national Republicans he recently signed a secret contract with. (The Washington Post, 9/3/15)

In any event, Bob Dold’s deep, partisan Republican roots that led him to try to tear down the Clintons at every turn fail to reflect the values of the people of the 10th District.

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