October Newsletter: Toni Preckwinkle and Donna Brazile!

October 2015 Newsletter

Tenth Dems October Newsletter

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In this issue of Tenth News:

Donna Brazile Joins Tenth Dems University Event
Although a full report of the Tenth Dems University October 1 program, Women in Politics—with photos—is slated for the November issue, we provide some preview photos from this event.

A Conversation on Current Events with Sun-Times Columnist Neil Steinberg
by Carol Hillsberg
Neil Steinberg’s astute and humorous commentary on politics and the issues of our day delighted all who attended this September Tenth Dems University event.

Kim Davis Perverts the American Principle of Religious Liberty
by Steven Gan
The First Amendment’s guarantee of free exercise of religion never was meant to empower an elected official to impose her own religious views on the citizens of her county.

Congress Watch: Serious Issues Confront Congress this Fall
by Laurence D. Schiller
Republicans Mark Kirk and Robert Dold continue to describe themselves as moderates while what they actually do—and don’t do—in Congress exposes them as supporters, both active and tacit, of their party’s far-right agenda.

Illinois Should Adopt Universal Vote-By-Mail
by Matt Flamm and Cary Shepherd
Adopting universal vote-by-mail not only would encourage voter participation by ending long waits at polling places.  It also would save Illinois money.

Climate and Weather – Not Exactly the Same Thing
by Donnie R. Dann
The occasional frigid day, or even a colder than normal winter, does not refute the gradual but dangerous warming of our climate that scientists have documented.

Let Us Count the Lies
by Barbara Altman
Like the first, the second Republican Presidential Debate provided a forum for the candidates to promulgate distorted versions of history and otherwise prevaricate.

Community Connection Corner
September marked the resumption of Tenth Dems Community Connection’s participation in Waukegan’s monthly ArtWauk activities.

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