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Tenth Dems September Newsletter

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Congress Watch: Chameleon Bob and the Ghost of Old Tom Joad
by Laurence D. Schiller
Bob Dold will tell anyone in the 10th Congressional District that he is a moderate and supports a host of programs that reflect the views of a majority of his constituents. Then he actually votes in the House, and a different picture emerges.  Kind of like a chameleon.

We All Do Better When We ALL Do Better
by Rosemary Heilemann
In an August 19 Tenth Dems University event, William McNary proved to be a rousing orator.

Republican Presidential Debate Season: Watch Out for the Big Lies
by Barbara Altman
If you’re going to watch the Republican presidential debates, you better have a computer handy, open to a good search engine, because the statistics the candidates spout are as likely as not made up.

Watching the Republican Debate
by Adrienne Kirshbaum
For one Democrat, the first Republican presidential debate turned out to be a big yawn.

Tenth Dems Volunteers at the Lake County Fair
We have two pages of pictures documenting Tenth Dems volunteers’ energetic presence at this year’s Lake County Fair.

Donald Trump – He’s No Laughing Matter Anymore
by Steven Gan
It didn’t take long for a Tenth News writer to reassess his opinion of Donald Trump’s nascent presidential campaign—exactly one month, to be exact.

TDU Kicks Off the School Year with Three Exciting Programs
The fall slate of Tenth Dems University programs is got off to a rousing start with William McNary in late August, and two more exciting programs scheduled in September and October.

You Can’t Squeeze Politics Out at Remap Time
by Michael Kasper
Redistricting can ensure fair representation by taking into account new political realities caused by population shifts.  An expert argues that to cede the authority to draw districts to so-called neutrals is to deprive the electorate of a power central to the democratic process.

Blundering Bruce
by Eleonora di Liscia  
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, a businessman skilled in generating profits and used to having his say, is inexperienced in the realities of presiding over government. The goal of government is not to enrich investors but to provide necessary services to the populace.  And an elected official can’t achieve that or any other goal without building a consensus through compromise and persuasion, skills “Blundering Bruce” sorely lacks.

Community Connection Corner: Tenth Dems Volunteers Attend NAACP Event
Tenth Dems Community Connection volunteers staffed a booth at the Lake County NAACP Education Fund’s Block Party and brought along President Obama (the cardboard version) for photo opportunities.

The Truth about Planned Parenthood
by Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
Planned Parenthood has been subjected lately to an avalanche of misinformation about what it actually does. A physician sets the record straight.

Would You Pay 17 Cents for a Big Mac?
by Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
A new study sheds light on actual costs/benefits resulting from a possible increase in the minimum wage.

Social Security at 80 Years Old: How to Ensure Solvency and Fairness
by Brian Dupuis
Another look at the history and future of Social Security, the key element of our nation’s social safety net.

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