August Newsletter: Dold and the Confederate Flag (p. 2), and much more …

August 2015 Newsletter

Tenth Dems August Newsletter

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In this issue of Tenth News:

Life is a Gift
by Rosemary Heilemann
Two people motivated by the desire to make other people’s lives better and a life-saving kidney donation are at the center of this inspiring story.

Behind the Scenes at Tenth Dems: Young People at Work for a Better World
by Danielle Resnick
Once again Tenth Dems’ summer is brightened by the more than a dozen high school, college, and graduate students who work alongside our adult volunteers.  Meet some of these dedicated young Democrats.

Congress Watch: Bob Dold Fails to Rise to the Historic Moment
by Laurence D. Schiller
The recent removal of the Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds in South Carolina also provided an opportunity for Congress to take meaningful action on this issue in its own buildings. The opportunity was killed by the Republicans in the House of Representatives, including 10th District Congressman Bob Dold.

Compassion Is Definitely NOT One of Donald Trump’s Assets
by Steven Gan
Donald Trump wants to have all undocumented immigrants deported. In his world, things are black and white, cut and dried. The Guatemalan woman at the center of this story lives in the real world.

A Visit with Bernie in Madison
by Jeffrey Baumann
At a recent campaign stop in Madison, Wisconsin, a group of Bernie Sanders fans, including two Tenth Dems interns, got a chance to meet the candidate.

Housing for Working Families in Deerfield: Let Facts Overcome Fear
by Brendan Saunders and Howard Schickler
A proposal that would provide affordable housing for working families in Deerfield has been presented to the village’s Plan Commission.  The authors argue that this project is good for Deerfield and that fears about how it would affect the neighborhood and the village are unwarranted.

Happy Birthday! Medicaid at 50 Years of Age
by Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicaid into law. As the program enters its second half-century, even more Americans are benefiting.

The Affordable Care Act Prevails at SCOTUS Once Again
by Mark Rosenberg, M.D. 
The latest right-wing attempt to have Obamacare scuttled by the Supreme Court failed decisively. Healthcare for all is here to stay.

Elected Officials, Candidates Enjoy a Perfect Fourth (photo essay)
Check out three pages of photos of parades and pols taken on a perfect summer day.

Tenth Dems Participates in Justice Day
On July 26, Tenth Dems volunteers were there on the Winnetka Village Green to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Northshore Summer Project and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s historic visit.

Tenth Dems University Sponsors Deputy Voter Registrar Training
TDU continues to organize training sessions for Deputy Voter Registrars throughout the 10th District.  Watch your email for dates and locations of trainings in August and beyond.

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