July Newsletter: Mark Kirk Meets a Live Mic, and More …

July 2015 Newsletter

Tenth Dems July Newsletter

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Tenth Dems Officially Opens Grayslake Office; Treasurer Mike Frerichs Keynotes
by Laurence D. Schiller
Tenth Dems’ new Grayslake office increases our presence in the northwestern part of the 10th District.  Our report of the festivities at the opening of the office includes photos.

What Kind of Man Thinks That Way?
by Barbara Altman
What is perhaps most shocking about the vulgar “bro with no ho” comment Mark Kirk was caught making on a live mic is the uncensored view it gives us into Kirk’s mind and heart.

Senator Lindsey Graham – A Lightning Rod for GOP Hypocrisy
by Steven Gan
Lindsey Graham’s recent comment about Caitlyn Jenner showed tolerance not typical of the other declared Republican presidential candidates, which impelled the author to wonder whether Graham is anticipating being the next victim of his party’s propensity to judge candidates’ lifestyle choices.

The Wages of Sin: Volunteer of the Month Charles Troy
by Eleonora di Liscia
Meet one of our newsletter designers, Charles Troy.  Find out why he became a Tenth Dems volunteer and learn about his many talents.

A Very Short History of Labor
by Eleonora di Liscia
The “turnaround agenda” being promoted by Governor Bruce Rauner is no laughing matter, particularly to American workers. Enjoy a wry look back—way back—at the history of the exploitation of labor and the role of unions in improving the lives of working people.

Rauner “The Blunderer” (with apologies to Dion)
Parody lyrics by Eleonora di Liscia
Newly-elected Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner inspires lyrics set to the Dion classic, “The Wanderer.”  “He stomps around and around and around….”

Let’s Talk Politics: Michael Golden Tells How to Unlock Congress
by Carol Hillsberg
The most recent Tenth Dems University Let’s Talk Politics focused on our broken Congress.  Author Michael Golden provided some of the insights from his new book, Unlock Congress.

Congress Watch: Kirk and Dold Endorse Latest Republican Efforts to Undo Obamacare
by Laurence D. Schiller
Republicans have been unwavering in their efforts to gut or repeal the Affordable Care Act, and Senator Mark Kirk and Congressman Bob Dold have been firmly on board.  It’s doubtful that those efforts will abate, even in the wake of Obamacare’s victory in King v. Burwell.

Happy Birthday, Medicare
by Mark Rosenberg, M.D.   
A piece of legislation that, much like the Affordable Care Act, was opposed by Republicans at its inception and beyond, has now been on the books for 50 years. Our writer celebrates Medicare’s 50th birthday.

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