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Tenth Dems April 2015 Newsletter

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Tenth Dems Newsletter Apr. 2015

In this issue of Tenth News:

Jacqueline Herrera Giron for 9th Ward Alderman: A Tireless Advocate for Waukegan
 by Eleonora di Liscia
Just ahead of the April election, we profile Jacqueline Herrera Giron, the Democratic candidate for 9th Ward Alderman in Waukegan.

Local Democrats Express Ambitions for a Bright Future
by Claire Esker
A report of the Moraine Township Democrats’ pre- local election gathering with local officials, told in words and pictures.

Two Free Tenth Dems Events in April Focus on the Next Generation
The first full month of spring features two exciting events, both focusing on the next generation: a special Tenth Dems University presentation featuring two of Illinois’ most respected statesmen, Abner Mikva and Adlai Stevenson III, and the 5th Annual Community Connection Poetry and Prose Competition and Awards Night.    

The Top 10 Republican Presidential Candidates – The Cast of a New Reality TV Show?
by Steven Gan
Enjoy the author’s take on the top ten (well, 11, actually) Republican presidential hopefuls.

Distributed Solar: The Best Renewable Energy
by Donnie R. Dann
A standout among other forms of renewable energy, distributed solar is both wildlife-friendly and relatively low-cost.

Congress Watch: Kirk Signs Open Letter to Iran; Goes Along with Republican Leadership on Abortion Restrictions and Anti-Immigrant Homeland Security Funding Bills.
by Barbara Altman
Senator Mark Kirk portrays himself as a moderate voice in his party’s increasingly extremist caucus.  So why doesn’t he stand up to his caucus on important issues like immigration and women’s access to reproductive choice?  And could he really have read that open letter to Iran before he went along with the 46 other Republicans who signed it?

Believer by David Axelrod: A Story of Politics as a Calling
by Mark Rosenberg
Some thoughts about the recently-published memoirs of one of the most compelling Democratic political operatives of our time.


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