Tenth News: Why Did this Illinois Republican Earn an F from the Sierra Club?

September 2014 Newsletter


Tenth Dems September Newsletter

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Voting Rights—Fifty Years Later
By Carol Hillsberg
Carolyn Goodman’s memoir, My Mantelpiece, honors her late son, Andy, and the many others who lost their lives 50 years ago while fighting for the right to vote for all Americans, including African Americans. The Republican-dominated Supreme Court’s undermining of the Voting Rights Act, along with red states’ legislative assaults on voting rights, threatens to turn back the clock on the civil rights accomplishments that followed the tragic deaths of Andy Goodman and others.

The Brad Beat: A Vote for Compassion
by Eleonora di Liscia
Congressman Brad Schneider’s agenda is one of compassion; and his policies, whether regarding immigration, LGBT rights, veterans, long-unemployment, women’s equality, healthcare, or protecting the environment, are wholly in tune with his constituents’ progressive values.

Congress Watch: Robert Dold’s Voting Record in Congress Shows That He Is No Friend of the Environment
Congressman Brad Schneider’s opponent in November has a record.  When Brad’s opponent was in Congress, he consistently voted against environmental protections.  Why would 10th District voters want to go backwards?

”I’m So Disappointed in Obama….” II
by Eleonora di Liscia
Revisiting a theme she expounded upon in the January 2014 edition of Tenth News, the author chastises those who would dwell on President Obama’s imperfections without acknowledging his accomplishments, especially given the unrelenting undermining of his agenda by Republicans in Congress and the Republican majority on the Supreme Court.

Simon Event Photos
A recent Meet the Candidate Forum featuring Illinois State Comptroller candidate Sheila Simon yielded plenty of photo ops, and we have three pages of those see-worthy pictures.

The House vs. President Obama — A Wasteful Political Stunt
by Steven Gan
Congressional Republicans would rather play games than govern. They say President Obama should take direct action on a host of pressing issues, but if he does, they say they’ll sue him for taking those actions. And guess who’s paying for Congressional Republicans’ lawsuit against the President.

Chicago Area Political Item Collectors to Meet in Deerfield
by Dottie Palombo
Do you collect campaign buttons and bumper stickers? Well then, this article might pique your interest.

Legislators Who Work for the People
by Nels Howard
If years of Congressional inaction have led you to believe that all politicians are worthless bottom-feeders, then this story should provide a reality check. Learn about some of the legislators within the 10th District, and nearby, who really do work hard, and effectively, for their constituents.

Don’t Miss the Next Meet the Candidate Forum – CSI: Lake County
Coroner’s investigator and Navy combat veteran Jason Patt is in a hard-fought race for Lake County Sheriff.  Find out why this county-wide office is important; learn more about the candidate, the office, and the mess the incumbent has made; and be entertained by the latest episode in the Tenth Dems version of CSI: Lake County.

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