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August 2014 Newsletter

Tenth Dems August Newsletter

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In this issue of Tenth News:

Lake County Sheriff’s Police Lodge Endorses Jason Patt for Lake County Sheriff
Even the incumbent Republican Sheriff’s Police Lodge has endorsed Democratic challenger Jason Patt. More than the alternative to the dysfunctional incumbent, Jason has inspired supporters with both his character and his experience.

Vote for the Party
by Barbara Altman, Editor
How is a voter to choose between rival candidates?  Especially if one or the other has never served as an elected official and thus has no record.  According to our Editor, these days party affiliation tells you pretty much everything you need to know about a candidate.

Congress Watch: Who is Robert Dold?
Bob Dold wants your vote. Should 10th Congressional District voters give it to him? This month’s Congress Watch asks some basic questions about Bob Dold, and what he stands for. Are you ready for some answers?

Meet the Tenth Dems Intern Class of 2014
by Tommy Donovan, Tenth Dems Intern
Tenth Dems is justifiably proud of is its internship program. Every year, outstanding area high school, college, and graduate students become Tenth Dems interns. Meet this year’s participants.

Thoughts about America on the Fourth of July
by Kenneth Broady, Tenth Dems Intern
One Tenth Dems intern shares his insights on American independence and our nation’s Fourth of July celebration.

A Firsthand Account of Our Broken Immigration System
by Joel Spiegel, Tenth Dems Intern
Our current Congress may not want to go near the immigration problem, but one Tenth Dems intern got a close-up look at the impact that long-term policy failures can have on the lives of real people. Here’s his story.

Student Loans Create Opportunity for All
by Alex Pappas, Tenth Dems Intern
This Tenth Dems intern explores the pluses and minuses of the student loan program, and the real costs being borne by young people across America.

Interns Attend Rainbow/PUSH Panel Discussion on Food Deserts
by Tenth Dems Interns Nathan Whiteman, Emily Binder, and Sam Braganca
Some of our interns accepted an invitation to attend a panel discussion sponsored by Rainbow/PUSH about the serious problem of food deserts in Chicago.  They now share some of the insights gained.

Slavery — Here and Now
by Tabitha Hill, Tenth Dems Intern
Slavery still exists in this world. You read that right. It’s taken on different forms, but slavery still exists. A recent panel sponsored by the Chicago Bar Association’s Human Rights Committee shed some light on this little-discussed issue, and a Tenth Dems intern who attended tells you all about it.

The End of the GOP — It Could Be a Reality Some Day
by Steven Gan
Revisiting a story he wrote for the June issue of the Tenth News, the author finds that current events are causing the predictions he made then to be much closer to becoming a reality.

Father Flannigan, Your CEO, and the Supreme Court
by Jack Altschuler
Our Supreme Court, says the author of this story, is playing fast and loose with the concept of religious freedom, or what he calls “religious favoritism.”

Tenth Dems are Well-Represented at this Year’s Lake County Fair
photos by Jim Neel
Democratic candidates, Tenth Dems interns and other volunteers, and a fabulous booth are all featured in this photo essay.

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