June 2014 Newsletter: Democrats Need the Tea Party

2014 June Newsletter

Tenth Dems June Newsletter

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In this issue of Tenth News:

Tenth Dems Founding Chair Honored by Waukegan Township
Tenth Dems Founding Chair, Hon. Lauren Beth Gash, recently was recognized by Waukegan Township as a “woman of character.”

Community Connection Anticipates a Busy Summer and Fall
by Barbara Altman
Tenth Dems Community Connection has a lot on its plate in the coming months, and we have it all covered, including a sidebar story on the May meeting of the Chairs of Lake County Democratic Township Organizations.

Congress Watch: Republican Sen. Mark Kirk Continues to Oppose Living Wage for U.S. Workers
Sen. Mark Kirk joined fellow Republicans in squelching consideration of the bill to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.

The Brad Beat: Brad Schneider Stands Firm Against Ryan Budget
by Eleonora di Liscia
Find out why a vote for Brad in November will be a vote against that blood-thirsty plant featured in Little Shop of Horrors

The Almost Perfect Dumb-pocalypse
by Jack Altschuler
The Supreme Court has been systematically removing restrictions on campaign contributions. What effect is this having on our democracy?

Candidate for Lake County Sheriff Saves Family from Floodwaters
His name is Jason Patt, and he’s running for Lake County Sheriff. Jason is a man of action who lives the Democratic ideal of helping others, as this story illustrates.

College Dems Convention Reignites Passion for Politics
by Michelle Patino
The College Democrats of Illinois held a convention in early April, and a former intern and current volunteer with Tenth Dems was there to report on it, in words and pictures.

We Democrats Need the Tea Party
by Steven Gan
The headline is provocative. Do you agree with the thesis?

When Women Succeed, America Succeeds
by Marguerite Hampton
Tenth Dems’ close neighbor, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, recently held her Annual Ultimate Women’s Power Lunch. As always, the afternoon was both inspiring and entertaining.

Long Overdue: The Paycheck Fairness Act
Tenth Dems Founding Chair Hon. Lauren Beth Gash was recently asked to write an article for the Illinois Democratic Women’s blog. We reprint her essay as it appeared on that organizations home page.

Upcoming July Events
Is it really almost summer? Get your feet ready to march with Democrats in Independence Day parades. Then reserve the evening of July 20 for socializing with fellow Democrats at Ravinia while enjoying the music of Lerner & Loewe.

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