Kidney Donor Needed for Longtime Tenth Dems Volunteer

For those who have had the pleasure of working with Chuck Gutman, you know that he is a longtime Tenth Dems volunteer and one of the founders of our Community Connection office in Waukegan.

A college counselor at Waukegan High School, Chuck also founded Envision Scholars, an organization dedicated to translating the college dreams of high-potential, first-generation college students into reality by furnishing financial and other assistance. Recognizing that first-generation college aspirants may lack the resources available to children with college-educated parents, Chuck recruits volunteer adult mentors to assist these outstanding students with their college applications. He encourages their pursuit of scholarships offered to disadvantaged high-achievers and DREAMers and arranges for mentors to assist with those applications, as well.

Chuck Gutman lives his Democratic values. He has been the brains, the heart, and the soul behind the success of so many young people in Waukegan. But now Chuck needs something equally precious in order to continue his life-changing mission. He needs a kidney.

Chuck has advanced stage renal failure and he needs a life-saving kidney donation. Although the decision to donate a kidney cannot be taken lightly, a recent study, published in JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) found no difference in mortality between donors and people living with both kidneys.

Chuck Gutman is an inspired community organizer, a dedicated educator and passionate advocate for Waukegan students, and a valued member of the Tenth Dems family.

And now Chuck needs our help. Not only will donating a kidney save Chuck’s life, it will allow him to continue to change the lives of many others. Take the first step.

Please call Kathy Davis, Living Donor Nurse Coordinator for University of Chicago Hospital’s Transplant Center at 773-834-2228 to get tested.

Thank you,

Tenth Dems

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