December 2013 Newsletter: Heard about party school?

December 2013 Newsletter

Tenth Dems December Newsletter
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In this issue of Tenth News:

So, What Exactly Is Tenth Dems University?
by Adrienne Kirshbaum
All you need to know about this unique “party school.”

Panel Educates About Multi-Front Assaults on Fair Elections
by Sharon Sanders
A recent panel discussion co-sponsored by Tenth Dems University brought together an impressive group of contributors to talk about the multitude of threats to fair campaigns and elections. The following two articles were written for the Tenth News by two of the panelists.

Election Reform Requires Two-Front War
by David Melton
This panelist outlines what ICPR (Illinois Campaign for Political Reform) has been doing to fight for voters’ rights and keep our elections transparent and free from big-money interference.

Let’s Build a Real People’s Movement—Right Now
by Benjamin Singer
This activist and spokesman for Common Cause Illinois lauds People Power.

Tenth Dems Participates in High School Campaign Fair
by Joe Adler
An early November civics program at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire included a short presentation on community activism from Tenth Dems members. We have a full report.

The Brad Effect
by Eleonora di Liscia
With the 2014 congressional elections already very much in the news, as pundits speculate about whether Republicans will hold on to the House, it’s a good time to update citizens of the 10th Congressional District on how our Democratic Congressman Brad Schneider has been representing us.  Brad’s is a voice of sanity amid the craziness of the Tea Party dominated House of Representatives.

Why Don’t Republicans Want Americans to Have Affordable Health Insurance?
by Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
The negative press coverage of the rocky rollout of the Affordable Care Act website has masked a persistent and organized campaign by Republicans to destroy the ACA (“Obamacare”) before major portions of the legislation have even taken effect. The author, a physician with who has studied the ACA, provides some much-needed factual context for these goings-on.

Another Shot in the Foot
by Jack Altschuler
The United States of America is under attack—from within. Playing chicken with our economy and the full faith and credit of the U.S. government is not off limits to an extreme faction of the Republican Party. The damage to our nation from these self-inflicted wounds is great and far from over, says the author.

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