November 2013 Newsletter: Time to Start Paying Attention!

November 2013 Newsletter


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Trying to Get Inside the Mind of a Tea Party Supporter
by Steven Gan
Now that the country has pulled back, at least for the moment, from the brink of financial disaster, it might be instructive to take a look at some of the people who created this mess in the first place, the Tea Party Republicans in the House, and how their financial circumstances align with those of their constituents.

MTDO and Tenth Dems Co-Host Open House at New Office
The headline says it all, and there are plenty of photos here and on pages 7 & 8.

Congress Watch: Kirk Espouses Moderation While Supporting Tea Party Politics
How does Senator Mark Kirk reconcile the image of moderation he cultivates with his often enthusiastic support of far right initiatives like serial votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act?  Once again, Congress Watch examines what lies beneath the veneer.

Brad Schneider Leads on Iran
by Steve Sheffey
Although only a freshman member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Congressman Brad Schneider recently co-authored a letter with a Republican congressman, urging continued pressure on Iran. He also published an article in an Israeli newspaper on the same topic.

Congressman Brad Schneider Comments on Citizens United
Congressman Schneider, in his own words, has some thoughts to share about the infamous Supreme Court decision that equated money with speech.

Community Connection Corner: New Leadership Adds Spark to Community Connection
by Carolyn Rivers
The Tenth Dems Community Connection office has a new executive director, an expanding cadre of volunteers, and a busy calendar of activities.

Community Connection Corner: Tenth Dems Hosts its First Donuts and Democrats at Community Connection
by Melissa-Ann Evanchik
Serve breakfast, invite elected officials, and open your doors to the community.  That’s Community Connection’s recipe for Donuts and Democrats.

The Continuing Frog Boil
by Jack Altschuler
Government shutdowns and possible defaults have been sucking up all the oxygen in press coverage lately, but the increasingly painful budget policies known as the sequester are currently weighing down the economy and threatening even greater harm in the months and years ahead. Is this the new normal?

Tenth Dems University
Mark your calendar for November 6, when Tenth Dems University presents a panel discussion on campaign and election reform.  The free event is cosponsored by Common Cause and the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project.

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