September 2013 Newsletter: Democrats living our values …

September 2013 Newsletter

Tenth Dems September Newsletter
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In this issue of Tenth News:

Hightower Keynotes Event Celebrating Progress Toward Overturning Citizens United
A late July event celebrated the ongoing drive for campaign finance reform and the overturn of Citizens United with music, poetry, drama, and keynote speaker Jim Hightower

Summer Goings-On at Tenth Dems’ Community Connections Office
by Carolyn Rivers
Tenth Dems Community Connection in Waukegan has had a very busy summer, participating in a variety of programs and events.

Congress Watch: Mark Kirk Helps Derail Appropriations Bill Aimed at Creating Jobs and Improving Public Safety
Before scurrying out of Washington for summer recess, Congress continued to turn its back on America.  With the help of Mark Kirk, Republicans in the Senate torpedoed a transportation funding bill that would have repaired infrastructure, funded public transportation, and created jobs.

The Top 10 Reasons to Reelect Brad Schneider
by Steve Sheffey
Ten of the many reasons why Congressman Brad Schneider deserves another term in office.

Waukegan Township Supervisor and Staff Serve Brunch to Honor Volunteers’ Service
by Barbara Altman
It’s always nice to be thanked for volunteering.  It’s really special when brunch is served, too!

National Service for Undocumented Immigrants: A Personal Perspective
by Steven Gan
There doesn’t appear to be much forward momentum in Congress right now on the subject of undocumented immigrants. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some fresh ideas around, as offered by one of our opinion writers.

Affordable Care Act and What National Polling Tell Us About the Likely Effects of Implementation
by Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
Obamacare, with implementation of more parts of the legislation on the horizon, is sparking frenzied activity in some quarters. Despite all of the misinformation being disseminated by Republicans, what are Americans saying about what they want to happen with their healthcare?

Interns Power Move Into New Office Space
A photo essay shows some of our interns at work.

Illinois Independent Redistricting Amendment Proposed for November 2014 Ballot
by Kathy Ryg
Illinois is bankrupt. Illinois is corrupt. Illinois is falling behind. Whatever you think about the state of our state, new approaches are needed to tackle the ongoing problems. The author of this story lays out a proposal to remove politics from the process of drawing Illinois’ legislative districts.

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