February Newsletter: Martin Luther King; Preventing Gun Violence

February 2013 Newsletter

Tenth Dems February Newsletter
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We welcome you to a Special Edition of Tenth News that we devote exclusively to the issue of gun safety, with a number of viewpoints on what needs to be done to combat the epidemic of gun violence in our society. In this Special Edition of Tenth News:

A Pediatrician’s Perspective on Gun Safety
by Mark Rosenberg, M.D.
Our examination of gun safety begins with a story from a medical professional who has seen the psychological impact of gun violence on children and their families.

Tenth Dems University Sponsors Panel on Gun Safety
by Barbara Altman
An overflow crowd and a knowledgeable, passionate panel helped get Tenth Dems University’s first program of 2013, on gun safety, off to a rousing start. We have a full report.

Risk of An Unlocked Gun In The Home — Some Statistics
In addition to the information disseminated at the Tenth Dems University gun safety panel discussion, we provide statistics on the risks incurred by having an unlocked gun in the home.

Tenth Dems Volunteer Rosenberg Spearheads American Academy of Pediatrics Petition for Gun Safety Legislation
In this sidebar story, we present a petition that at the instance of our own Dr. Rosenberg was sent in late January to all members of the American Academy of Pediatrics on the issue of gun safety.

Not My Father’s NRA
by Bill Jenkins
We take a closer look at the National Rifle Association from the perspective of someone who has lost a child to gun violence.

Declaring our Humanity by Singing “Kumbaya”
by Lee Goodman
According to the author, the power of music, embodied in a single song, should not be underestimated in the fight to curb gun violence.

Gun Control —A Jewish Perspective
by Rabbi David Oler
A Rabbi cites scripture to support his call for gun safety legislation.

Armed and Dangerous
by Jacob G. Goodman
This author applies pure logic to the issue of gun safety and what to do to reduce the incidences of gun violence.

A Gun Owner Reacts: One Man’s Perspective on Gun Safety Legislation and the NRA
by Tom Boyd
The author, a proud but disheartened gun owner, shares a letter he wrote to Illinois legislators.

Tenth Dems Honor Martin Luther King, Jr.
Tenth Dems members were well represented at the annual King Day breakfast in Waukegan.

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