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Tenth Dems November Newsletter
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Why We Must Defeat Tea Party Republican Bob Dold
Bob Dold, current 10th District Congressman, has put forth considerable effort to convince voters in his district that he is a moderate, and that he represents their interests. In this article, we present detailed evidence of who Bob Dold really is and who he really represents, and why he must be defeated November 6.

Why Voting for Obama and the Democrats Matters
by Eleonora di Liscia
Your vote counts. Elections do matter. If you don’t believe these words, please read this article.

Congress Watch: Robert Dold’s Anti-Women Votes Make Him a Dependable Foot Soldier in the Republicans’ War Against Women
During the past two years, we have kept close tabs on 10th District Congressman Bob Dold’s voting record, mainly in our Congress Watch series. Now, we use this space to take direct aim at his anti-woman record, presenting numerous examples of how this congressman stands in the front ranks of the Republican Party’s war against women.

Tenth Dems Endorses Democrats Up and Down the Ticket — A 2012 Election Guide
Here is our 2012 Election Guide with recommendations for your support, both locally and nationally.

Getting Out The Vote (GOTV) is The Cure for Pre-election Anxiety
We need your help! Click or call, but please, look inside for the digits and volunteer!

Tenth Dems Community Connection Volunteer Vicki Bailyn Honored by the Coalition to Reduce Recidivism
by Laura Tomsky
A Tenth Dems volunteer received some special recognition recently for her stellar work. We have the full story inside.

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