September 2012 Newsletter: Blueprint of Justice and more …

September 2012 Newsletter

In this issue of Tenth News:

The Little Blue Book
by Neesa Sweet
If you’re working for a candidate in this fall’s election (and even if you’re not), there’s a new book that can help decode political gobbledygook and allow you to understand and speak to prospective voters in a language that will appeal to their progressive instincts. Take a peek into The Little Blue Book.

Why You Should Vote for Brad Schneider
by Eleonora di Liscia
Want to learn more about why Brad Schneider, Democrat running for 10th Congressional District Representative, is winning over voters? Allow us to provide some informative details.

I’m Voting for Brad Schneider
by Adrienne Kirshbaum
And now, we present one person’s endorsement of Brad Schneider for 10th Congressional District Representative.

A Blueprint for Justice
by Chris Kennedy
Tenth Dems provides space in Tenth News for candidates running in the 10th Congressional District area to introduce themselves to voters. This month we hear, in his own words, from Chris Kennedy, Democrat running for Lake County State’s Attorney.

Suburban Democrats Attend Convention in Springfield
by Stephen Ark  
Numbering more than 50 strong, 10th Congressional District activists were delegates to the Illinois State Democratic Convention held August 15 in Springfield. We have a report.

Meet Some Tenth Dems Summer Interns
by Marissa Bohrer
We present what has become an annual event for Tenth News, a look at some of the bright, energetic high school and college students who volunteer for the summer as Tenth Dems interns. Meet this year’s group.

Jobs Creation vs. Wealth Creation: Romney, Bain Capital, and Ampad
by Eleonora di Liscia
Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for President, recently wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal touting his record at Bain Capital. We take an in-depth look at that record in this article, with an emphasis on one of the companies that ultimately didn’t fare so well under Bain’s stewardship.

Congress Watch: Dold Votes Against the Environment 96 Percent of the Time
The 2012 General Election is drawing closer, and 10th District Congressman Robert Dold’s voting record, particularly on environmental issues, is coming into sharper focus. After the record-setting heat of this summer season, can we afford to support a representative so disdainful of the need to act to protect our planet? Welcome to this month’s Congress Watch.

Volunteer of the Month: Eleonore di Liscia
by Jane Goldenberg
Tenth News regularly turns a spotlight on deserving Tenth Dems volunteers. This month, we feature our own frequent contributor to Tenth News, Eleonora di Liscia.

Yes, We Did! Healthcare Revisited
by Eleonora di Liscia
Republicans continue to mount a withering assault on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and in this month’s continuing series on President Obama’s accomplishments in his first term in office, we revisit the healthcare issue to see how the ACA is already having a positive effect on regular citizens, plus a closer examination of what’s actually in the law.


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