August 2012 Newsletter: Where trust goes to die and more …


Tenth Dems August Newsletter

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In this issue of Tenth News:

Congress Watch: In the Doldrums: Dold Votes to Repeal Affordable Care Act—Again
At least he’s consistent. Once again, Bob Dold has come down foursquare against his constituents’ best interests, and against affordable healthcare for millions of Americans. In this month’s Congress Watch, we lay bare, through his own voting record, whose interests Congressman Dold really serves.

Tenth Dems Goes Video
Sing along with us now to “Right Wingers,” a toe-tapping golden oldie with updated lyrics from a Tenth Dems volunteer.

Pants on Fire, or Where Trust Goes to Die
by Jack Altschuler
Our polarized, paralyzed political system didn’t get clogged up just yesterday. This article highlights the problem through the prism of historical presidential breadcrumbs. Follow along the trail with us, if you dare.

Yes, We Did! We Can’t Wait
by Eleonora di Liscia
This month, our series on President Obama’s first-term accomplishments continues with a focus on how many issues a president can act on, particularly if Congress refuses to cooperate with him and blocks his agenda. We have compiled a list.

The Empire of Locked Roots
by Debra Shore
Our region is going through a severe drought, and that makes it a timely idea to examine just how ecologically rich and diverse is this land that we inhabit.

Tenth Dems Rally with Nuns on the Bus
When nuns visit Northern Illinois to rally in favor of social and economic justice, it’s not surprising to see Tenth Dems on the street with them.

Join Tenth Dems for our Ravinia Event
Save the date: August 19. Join Tenth Dems for a sure-to-be memorable night of folk music at Ravinia. We have all the details.

Quinn-terns: Tenth Dems Interns Help Staff Event; Mingle with Illinois Governor
The interns who volunteer for Tenth Dems sure do get around, and we have a few pictures to prove our point.

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