June 2012 Newsletter: Power of Reproductive Rights and more …

June 2012 Newsletter

June 2012 Newsletter


In this issue of Tenth News:

Ultimate Women’s Power Lunch and the Power of Reproductive Rights
by Terry Wrem Jones
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s recent Ultimate Women’s Power Lunch provided speeches, food, and food for thought that we share with our readers.

Congress Watch: Robert Dold Supports Immoral Ryan Budget
The House of Representatives passed a fiscal year 2013 budget resolution last March 29, almost entirely along party lines.  Congressman Bob Dold fell right in line with fellow Republicans.  We explain what our 10th District Congressman was supporting.

It Isn’t Envy, Mitt
by Jack Altschuler
“It’s the vote, stupid.” The surest way to move this country in a positive direction, says the author, is through the power of the ballot box.

Near-Sighted Gunslinger

by Ron Levitsky
America’s proper role on the world stage has been subject to several very different interpretations. What is our mission, and how do we carry it forward?

Required Reading for Health Policy Wonks
reviewed by Mark Rosenberg, MD FAAP
The healthcare debate is heating up as the Supreme Court is poised to rule on President Obama’s healthcare legislation. The author expands our knowledge on the subject with reviews of two seminal books on health policy.

Bob Dold’s Problem with Women
by Steve Sheffey
Congressman Bob Dold pretends that he cares about women’s healthcare. The facts paint a different picture.

Community Connection Corner
by Vicki Bailyn
Our monthly update on the Tenth Dems Community Connection Center in Waukegan.

Wheeling Township Dems Slate Candidates for Illinois Legislature

by Paul Kelly
Who did Wheeling Township Democrats nominate for State Senate in the 27th District and State Representative in the 53rd District?

Yes, We Did! Executive Orders
by Eleonora di Liscia
Our series on President Obama’s accomplishments during his first term in office continues this month with an overview of some of the executive orders the President has issued.

Rob Nesvacil Receives Botterman Leadership Award
We have a report on the recipient of the Botterman Leadership Award at the Fifth Annual Botterman Breakfast on May 6 in Arlington Heights.

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