May 2012 Newsletter: Supreme Court Health Law Cases and more

May 2012 Newsletter

May 2012 Newsletter

In this issue of Tenth News:

Yes, We Did! The Obama Record on Women’s Issues
by Eleonora di Liscia
Our continuing series on President Obama’s accomplishments during his first term in office focuses this month on women’s issues.

To Be a Democrat
by Ron Levitsky
Poll after poll shows our country is politically polarized. Now, more than ever, is an opportune time to examine, as our author has, what it means “to be a Democrat.”

Democrats Are Smart Enough to Listen to Differing Opinions and Then Decide for Themselves
by Sharon Sanders
The U.S. Supreme Court has a long history of making controversial decisions, few more so than last year’s Citizens United ruling. At a recent Tenth Dems University/Move to Amend co-sponsored event, University of Chicago Law School Professor Geoffrey Stone rendered his verdict on Citizens United and what proponents of campaign finance reform can, and can’t, do about it.

by Jack Altschuler
What kind of America do we really want, for ourselves and for our children? Our democracy is being co-opted, says the author of this article. What can we do to stop it from happening?

The Supreme Court and the Health Law Cases—“It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over”
by Miles J. Zaremski
Following the Supreme Court arguments in late March on whether or not the healthcare law (“Obamacare”) is constitutional or not, author and lawyer Miles J. Zaremski offers some insights.

President Obama and Israel
by Steve Sheffey
Of all the misinformation that has been circulated about President Obama during his first term in office, no topic has generated more distortions and outright lies than the President’s record on Israel. It’s time to lay out the facts. It’s time for the truth.

The Politics of Engagement: Jack Strom
by Eleonora di Liscia
Tenth Dems succeeds as an organization only through the efforts of its hard-working volunteers. We regularly spotlight some of these amazing people in this newsletter. This month, the spotlight shines on Jack Strom.

The Community Connection Corner
by Vicki Bailyn
It’s been nearly a year and a half since Tenth Dems opened the Community Connection Center in Waukegan. We have an update on what’s been happening there, and what’s on ComCon’s to-do list.

Polarities Help Us Avoid Our Fears and Get What We Want
by Neesa Sweet
The author offers a new way of trying to make sense of our world — through polarities. So what are polarities? We thought you’d never ask…

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