Tenth News: September 2011 Newsletter


In this issue of Tenth News:

Tenth Dems to Welcome Senator Amy Klobuchar and Honor Our Own
by Kim Rodriguez
Tenth Dems is honored to welcome Minnesota’s Senator Amy Klobuchar who has been active in promoting Democratic values and has taken a leadership role in the legislative agenda.  In addition, we will recognize Hon. Susan Garrett and our volunteer of the year, Terry Blaurock.  This is an event you won’t want to miss!

Congress Watch:  Dold, House Republicans Sacrifice Tens of Thousands of Jobs and Billions in Revenues on Altar of “Union-Busting
Do you think exploiting the FAA’s work rules is reprehensible?  Are you disgusted by the time Congress wastes on what most thinking citizens believe are no-brainer decisions?  Read about one of the latest obstructionist tactics that the House Republicans have indulged in, ones that cost money and could have put us all at risk.

Grassroots Prevail Over Astroturf in Wisconsin
by Barbara Altman
If you’re disappointed that the Wisconsin recall election did not yield a complete rejection of the Republican majority, take heart.  Editor-in-chief Barbara Altman offers a positive view of the Wisconsin situation.

You Have to Ask Me First
by Jack Altschuler
Lessons learned from his dad become the theme of Jack Altschuler’s column regarding Tea Party extremists’ irresponsibility and reckless endangerment of our nation’s future as we faced a manufactured debt-ceiling crisis.

In Search of Monsters to Destroy
by Ron Levitsky
The writer shares his thoughts about President Obama’s response to the uprising in Libya and American foreign policy in the post-World War II era.

Don’t Be Mad at Congress—Be Mad at Robert Dold
by Steve Sheffey
Surely, you’ve noticed the low approval ratings Congress has earned.  Robert Dold has turned a deaf ear to reason and fallen into line with the group-think behaviors of the Republican Party.  The only way to change our representation in Washington is to vote him out.

Meet Chris Kennedy
by Jeanne Marie Dauray
Chris Kennedy, a Democratic candidate for State’s Attorney of Lake County, has a wide range of experience and a commitment to children.  Read about him here and take note of his special accomplishments.

Meet Scott Drury
by Adrienne Kirshbaum
Scott Drury’s varied accomplishments are presented in this article that introduces him to our readers as a candidate for State’s Attorney of Lake County.  Read about him here and take note of his special achievements.

Community Connection Bulletin Board
by Laura Tomsky
The Community Connection Center in Waukegan has had an eventful summer.  Laura Tomsky details the season’s activities and continued needs.  Interested in volunteering?  Here’s the perfect opportunity.

Tolerance and Love Amongst Nations
by Max Boton
Max Boton, a current Tenth Dems summer intern, spent time living in Scandinavia and presents his analysis of the recent slaughter in Norway and his heartfelt belief that Norwegians will overcome this horror.

Yes, We Did!
by Eleonora di Liscia
As part of a continuing series on the often-overlooked accomplishments of the Obama administration, Eleonora di Liscia presents the Obama record on gay rights.   If you’re disappointed by President Obama, following this series should change your perspective.

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