Tenth News: August 2011 Newsletter

August 2011 Newsletter

August 2011 Newsletter

In this issue of Tenth News:

Community Connection Serves As a Community Cooling Station
by Laura Tomsky
Over the past month, severe weather that caused power outages and floods has put  tremendous stress on the ability of communities throughout the 10th Congressional District to help those most in need of assistance. Read about one organization that stepped in and made a difference: Tenth Dems‚Äôs own Community Connection Center in Waukegan.

John Nichols Tells Us Why “We Are Not Broke!”
by Adrienne Kirshbaum
The latest Tenth Dems University event speaker told his spellbound audience about the real state of America’s financial health and the meaning of the political struggle in Wisconsin. Find out what John Nichols had to say.

A Tale of a Few Cities: How to Form a Community Climate Action Plan
by Eleonora di Liscia
All across the 10th Congressional District, communities are grappling with environmental issues and developing 21st Century programs to embrace green technology. The author discusses some of these efforts.

They’re Here
by Jack Altschuler
It turns out, there really are monsters that go “bump in the night.” They’re the rich and powerful and, the author suggests, they’re playing for keeps.

No Pay? No Problem!
by Kevin Kim, with Hyun Jin
Tenth Dems relies heavily on volunteer help, and every summer the contributions from dedicated student interns prove invaluable. Get a glimpse into the lives of this year’s interns.

When Talk Isn’t Cheap
by Ron Levitsky
Do you ever wonder if centuries of hate and misunderstanding have made it impossible to find a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict? There are organizations, one right here in the 10th Congressional District, challenging long-held notions and daring to tear down walls of ignorance. The author profiles the Hands of Peace.

Congress Watch: Let’s Remember Who Robert Dold Is
by Steve Sheffey
The legislative record of 10th District Congressman Robert Dold grows more voluminous, and more appalling, with each passing day. It’s all our intrepid correspondent can do just to keep up.

A Tale of Two Presidents, or: Take Off Your Rose-Colored Glasses!
by Eleonora di Liscia
With all the unique challenges facing President Obama these days, it might be interesting to provide some historical context by looking at the trials and tribulations of a U.S. President from the 20th Century.

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