Tenth News: June 2011 Newsletter


In this issue of Tenth News:

Robert Dold’s War on Women
by Steve Sheffey
Our reporter documents the votes by which Rep. Robert Dold has proven himself to be a loyal foot soldier in the GOP’s war against a woman’s right to choose.

Congress Watch: The Doldrums Continue – Bob Dold Repeatedly Votes to Dismantle Landmark Healthcare Reform Bill
Our monthly review of Rep. Robert Dold’s votes discloses that he has hewn to the Republican party line and voted to repeal key provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Brilliant – And Monstrously Harmful
by Jack Altschuler
From Reagan to Bush II, Republican administrations have undermined government by undertaxing and overspending.  The author deconstructs this Machiavellian strategy, which he calls “revolution through near-suicide.”

To Unlock Fetters of Wickedness
by Ron Levitsky
Fasting can be a religious imperative, a spiritual experience, a political statement.  It can be individual or communal.  The author shares personal insight and gives social and historic context to his recent one-day fast.

Wow!  What a Great Event!  Our First Annual Poetry and Prose Slam
by Sharon Sanders
The headline says it all.  The evening was inspiring as, competing for cash prizes, talented high schoolers read original works of poetry and prose, joined by the professional writers and performers who judged the submissions and emceed the event.

Do We Hate the Poor?
by Debra Shore
The author revisits an article she wrote for a college magazine in 1993 and unhappily concludes that our society seems to be ruled more by greed than by grace.

Yes, We Did!  The Obama Record on Ethics and Open Government
by Eleanora di Liscia
An examination of campaign promises kept.  Part of an ongoing series.

Genesee Theatre
by Eleanora di Liscia
A history of Waukegan’s Genesee Theatre, the crown jewel of downtown Waukegan and the site of several Tenth Dems events this year.

Call to Arms
by Lisa Magad
The author examines the parallels between our current red state/blue state divide and the north-south rift that led to the Confederate attack on Fort Sumter 150 years ago.

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