Tenth News – January 2011 Newsletter

In this issue of Tenth News:

I Want My Party Back

by Ilya Sheyman

In this article, the writer reminds us of just what it means to be a Democrat and harkens back to the party of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson and to candidate Barack Obama. Ilya Sheyman inspires us all to stand up proudly and fight for what we believe in.

Congress Watch: Controversial Tax-Cut Extension Bill Signed into Law

If the extension of the Bush tax-cuts has you steaming, wait till you read about the other goodies in the bill. Did Democrats have no choice but to vote for the bill to guarantee unemployment benefits to those who have lost their jobs? Read this informative assessment and decide for yourselves.

Toward Peace in the Middle East

by Steve Sheffey

In a highly informative article, the writer discusses a two-state solution with the reminder that Jerusalem is not a settlement but the capital of Israel and that Arab refusal to recognize Israel’s right to existence continues to be a major roadblock to peace.

Understanding Sarah

by Jack Altschuler

The writer of this article posits that the distortions we hear from Sarah Palin fall into one of two categores. She may either be a deliberate liar and is fully aware that her falsehoods are deceptive or she has taken “vacations from reality” on serious issues.

Community Connections Is Up and Running

Tenth Dems is proud to announce the opening of the new Community Connections office in Waukegan which will be connecting people in Waukegan and North Chicago with government and social services as well as a gathering place for community members.

Tenth Dems Holiday Social at The Alley

by Kim Rodriguez

Peruse an array of pictures after reading the article about the holiday party at The Alley in Highwood where many Tenth Dems members received honorary degrees from the leaders of Tenth Dems University, indulged in pizza and desserts, and left with delightful raffle prizes to top off the evening.

A Letter from an Editor: Who’s Got the Write Stuff?

A newsletter editor encourages all readers to make their voices heard in upcoming issues by submitting articles about the many issues facing us as the new Congress takes their seats. National and local issues are both serious and disturbing. What are your thoughts?

My Plea for More Space

by Debra Shore

A Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, Debra Shore invokes our memories of Peter Pan as she yearns for the adults to grow up, act responsibly, stop whining, and serve the public interest.

Yes, We Did

by Robert P. Watson, Ph.D., Lynn University

Let’s stifle some of the recent complaining and expression of disappointment as we read this article, the first in what will be an on-going series of the forgotten and frequently unappreciated abundance of accomplishments of the Obama administration.

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