Tenth News: December 2010 Newsletter

2010 December Newsletter

In this issue of Tenth News:

Areas of Concern
by Adrienne Kirshbaum

The author shares some post-election worries.

Prof. Dick Simpson Analyzes Democratic Wins and Losses at TDU Post-Election Event
by Carolyn Cerf

University of Illinois, Chicago’s Political Science department chair treated a large TDU audience to some post-election analysis.

GOP “Tidal Wave” More like a Cold Splash of Water to the Face
by John Hmurovic

The author explains how the results of local races within the 10th District, as well as Democratic prospects after redistricting, undermine the notion of a Republican tsunami.

Three-Time Winner Dan Seals
by Lee Goodman

The author points out that as a man who ran for office three times, always for the people, and never for himself, Dan Seals was a winner.

An Open Letter to the President
by Barbara Altman

The author exhorts President Obama to stand up for Democratic values.

What Really Happened on November 2, 2010
by Jack Altschuler

According to the author, Democrats failed to convey a coherent message or to connect emotionally with voters.  We need to learn to do both if we are to succeed going forward.

Still Recovering From the Election
by Steve Sheffey

A Tenth News regular provides insightful post-election analysis.

Face to Face
by Ron Levitsky

The author, a retired history teacher, presents the Palestinian counter narrative of history which, he argues, must be understood if there is to be peace in the Middle East.

The Sales Pitch Proves the Point
by Ellen Beth Gill

Tenth Dems’s best known blogger likens the Republicans’ current national debt reduction frenzy to the anti-Saddam frenzy they ginned up nearly a decade ago to stampede the nation into an unnecessary war.

Congress Watch:  Our Own Truth Squad
The column will continue to hold the 10th District’s federal representatives to account.  Writers and researchers are invited to join the team.

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