Tenth News: October 2010 Newsletter

In This Issue of Tenth News:

• A Supremely Important Decision
• Congress Watch: Lots at Stake in Midterm Elections
• Pro-Israel and Voting for Alexi Giannoulias
• Be Selfish: VOTE
• Your Vote Counts
• Robin Kelly Headlines TDU Event
• Election Front and Center for Let’s Talk Politics
• Fear, Lies, Politics and Trust
• The Most Important Vote Obama Supporters Will Cast in 2010

A Supremely Important Decision
by Ron Levitsky

A key factor to consider in deciding which way to vote in the current Illinois U.S. Senate campaign is how the newly elected senator is likely to vote on possible Supreme Court nominees. The author provides some historical perspective.

Congress Watch: Lots at Stake in Midterm Elections
A sneak peek at what could happen if control of Congress changes.

Pro-Israel and Voting for Alexi Giannoulias
by Steve Sheffey
There are two staunch supporters of Israel running for Illinois’ open U.S. Senate seat. The author explains.

Be Selfish: VOTE
by Marisa Levitt

There is power in the act of voting, so says someone who is not yet old enough to have that privilege.

Your Vote Counts
by Mary E. La Plante
Voting is something real you can do to make your voice heard… have you registered yet?

Robin Kelly Headlines TDU Event
by Carolyn E. Cerf

Tenth Dems University continues to showcase candidates for Illinois higher offices, like state treasurer.

Election Front and Center for Let’s Talk Politics
by Phyllis Goldman
Winnetka was the setting for the most recent Let’s Talk Politics event.

Fear, Lies, Politics and Trust
by Jack Altschuler
When evaluating a candidate, how does a voter separate truth from lies? The author says listen.

The Most Important Vote Obama Supporters Will Cast in 2010
by Mark Kraemer
The author makes his choice in the Illinois U.S. Senate race. Does his reasoning make sense? You decide.

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