Tenth News: September 2010 Newsletter

In this issue of Tenth News:

Let’s Talk Politics
by Monica Petrescu

The Vernon Hills Library was the location for the latest installment of our Let’s Talk Politics series. As usual discussion proved lively…as you will discover by scrolling to page one.

Lies and ‘Misrememberings’
by Steve Sheffey

How has Mark Kirk embellished his record? Let us count the ways.

Uncommon Need for the Common Good—Part 2
by Ron Levitsky
Volunteerism is not just empty rhetoric to some people. Read about how three extraordinary individuals in the 10th District are making a difference.

Propaganda and Learning
by Frank Palmer
Despite their lack of constructive ideas, Republicans are masters of churning out effective messaging. Isn’t it time for us Democrats to do the same with genuine ideas?

We Need a Sarah Palin
by Terry Wrem Jones
Just checking our watches, but hasn’t Sarah Palin had her “fifteen minutes” by now? Organizations like Emily’s List could help speed her departure.

Congress Watch: Voting with His Party, Republican Mark Kirk Says No to Financial Reforms
Recently passed financial reforms provided just the latest opportunity for Mark Kirk to abandon the interests of his constituents.

Progressing Toward an Internship That Matters
by Monica Petrescu
We’re looking for a few good interns…really!

Candidate Profile: Kay Hoogland
by Monica Petrescu
As the November elections draws ever closer, we present a profile of a candidate for the Lake County Board.

A Jobs Program You Can Believe In
As part of our brand new blog, we introduce “Jobs Central,” an online posting of resumes designed to link up potential employers with people looking for jobs.

To Protect These Rights
by Ron Altman
Continuing his 2008 series about the Bill of Rights, the author examines the firestorm surrounding the efforts to build a Muslim community center near “Ground Zero” and places the controversy into an historical perspective.

by Jack Altschuler

Even though Mark Kirk’s repeated attempts to create a more wonderful life for himself are no laughing matter, the author still manages to skewer the senatorial “wannabe” with a dose of humor nonetheless.

Bon Voyage, Stephen!
As surely as summer drifts into fall, another group of Tenth Dems interns leaves for their respective colleges. We bid a fond farewell to the manager of this year’s internship program, Stephen Ark.


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