Tenth News: August 2010 Newsletter

In this issue of Tenth News:

A Woman’s Right to Choose —Not for Much Longer

by Carol Hillsberg
In his 30 years of championing reproductive rights, Terry Cosgrove has never encountered anyone more right-wing than Bill Brady, the Republican candidate for Governor of Illinois.

Bill Brady and Guns

by Jennifer Bishop Jenkins
In this election cycle, we need to be talking about Bill Brady and guns. The Republican gubernatorial candidate, Brady wants to make sure that anyone can carry around a concealed gun in our state. And, while we’re getting to the heart of Bill Brady’s favorite issue, it’s worth noting that he opposes pretty much any regulations on guns at all.

Uncommon Need for the Common Good – Part 1

by Ron Levitsky
When it comes to immaturity, I take a backseat to no one (just ask my wife). Recently, I went with some friends to see Hot Tub Time Machine, a sophomoric film dealing with three losers in their forties who are transported back to the 1980s for a second chance at life. Using their knowledge of the future, they become wealthy and famous. The audience leaves the theater chuckling at this happy ending. Only later did I realize how self-centered the movie was.

TD Interns Practice the Politics of Hope

by Monica Petrescu
As August approaches, Illinois is buzzing with politics. It is once again time for parades and forums, TV ads and bumper stickers, door-to- door canvassing and house parties. With campaign season officially under way, it is the best time to be a Tenth Congressional District Democrats intern.

Giannoulias Shares His Philosophy of Public Service With TDU Audience

by Barbara Altman
On July 7, an overflow crowd of Tenth Dems had the opportunity to meet Alexi Giannoulias. Sponsored by Tenth Dems University, this session, that included nearly 30 minutes of questions and answers, revealed to all in attendance a smart, engaging, mainstream Democrat seeking the opportunity to serve in the United States Senate—the country that’s given his family so much.

Let’s Talk Politics Online

by Stephen Ark
For many Tenth Dems interns and students, August means an end to summer vacation and a start to another school year, new classes, and new friends. For the Tenth Dems, it means an updated website and a smorgasbord of new technologies.

On Jobs

by Ravi Ganapathy
I came to this great land of opportunities from India 21 years ago to work on my graduate studies. After waiting many long days for my interview at the American Consulate in the city of Chennai, I still cannot forget the moment the visa officer told me that my student visa was approved. It was a huge turning point in my life and a moment of extreme happiness and sadness. I was happy to be heading to the land of dreams, which I had aspired toward for the previous five years; and I was sad that I would be leaving behind everyone I knew.

Rethinking Afghanistan

by Roberto Luna
On July 20, I had the opportunity to view a documentary film at the Wilmette Public Library, Rethink Afghanistan. The event was sponsored by the North Suburban Peace Initiative (NSPI), whose main objective is to work together for a peaceful world, to obtain peace through justice. NSPI sponsors events and discussions about prevention of armed aggression, reduction of nuclear arms, and any other topic related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and how to help end them.

Robert Dold is NOT Pro-Choice

by Steve Sheffey
Let’s be as clear as we can be: Dan Seals is the only pro-choice candidate running for Congress in the 10th Congressional District. Republican Robert Dold of Kenilworth is NOT pro-choice.

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