Seals Calls Court’s Stem Cell Ruling “Very Disappointing”

Democratic Congressional Candidate Dan Seals issued the following statement after a U.S. District judge granted a temporary injunction to halt federal funding of embryonic stem cell research:

“Embryonic stem cell research is the foundation of regenerative medicine and the key to unlocking tomorrow’s scientific breakthroughs. I support the federal funding of this innovative work, which could yield effective treatment or cures for millions of Americans who are suffering from debilitating pain and terminal illnesses. Yesterday’s ruling is very disappointing, and we must work to move beyond this disruption so that scientists can restart their research and patients can regain their hope.”

Embryonic stem cell research has resulted in promising developments in the search for a cure for conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, juvenile diabetes, and Tay-Sachs Disease.

Seals’ opponent, Bob Dold, sought out and received the support of the Illinois Federation for Right to Life (IFRL), the state’s largest anti-choice organization.

The IFRL opposes embryonic stem cell research, and in a March 2009 news update, published an article which tied the research to the work of notorious Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

Dan Seals is proud to be endorsed by Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare, the Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs (JAC-PAC), Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters, the Human Rights Campaign, and more.

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