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Updates: “The Governorship, It’s a ****ing Valuable Thing”

This is the arresting title of a column on the Illlinois gubernatorial election by Grist staff writer Jonathan Hiskes, published September 13. Grist’s website section, “Gubernatorial Tutorial,” reports on governor’s races state-by-state.

To articulate the positions of Quinn and Brady, the author quotes spokespersons from Chicago’s Center for Neighborhood Technology, the Environmental Law and Policy Center, and the Sierra Club. They all support the author’s preference for Gov. Pat Quinn over his opponent.

Hiskes contrasts Gov. Quinn’s career-long history of environmentalism to State Senator Brady’s voting record on environmental issues and comes up in Quinn’s favor. Experienced representatives from the groups named above share their informed views that Brady would be bad for Illinois, and would likely “halt or even reverse” Illinois’ renewable energy progress.

As a long-time reader and supporter of Grist and its issues, I was pleased to read this factual account. The column on Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s green and clean energy development in her state is also worth a glance. And if you’ve ever lived somewhere else, you can see what they have to say about that state’s race.