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Updates: 10th District Primary Race Featured in Article

“Whoever wins the primary has a better chance of beating [current Congressman Bob] Dold,” Lauren Beth Gash, chair of the Tenth Dems, was quoted in an article about the 10th Congressional primary race in the recent cover story of The Chicago Jewish News. There is no one candidate at this point who appeals more to Jewish voters in the district, she added in the article. “There is no question that a candidate in this district will benefit, in my opinion, from a pro-Israel stance.”

While the article is primarily focused on Brad Schneider and Ilya Sheyman, it also mentions three other candidates who have announced their intention to run for the seat: Vivek Bavda, Aloys Rutagwibira, and John Tree. As for Schneider and Sheyman, both “have very strong position papers on Israel,” Gash is quoted in the article.

You can read the article here.