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Featured Updates: Rep. Dold chooses to “Beat Hillary” with pro-Trump group

Dold keeps his word to pro-Trump group, headlines anti-Clinton fundraiser

Double Talk Dold chooses to ‘Beat Hillary’, not to Stop Trump

Deerfield, IL — In a stunning display of campaign season hypocrisy, Republican Rep. Bob Dold (IL-10) recently headlined a “Beat Hillary” fundraiser for a pro-Trump group. This came after the vulnerable Republican politician tried winning praise by claiming to not support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Bob Dold headlined the Lake County Republicans Central Committee’s “Beat Hillary at the Distillery” fundraiser on Saturday, September 10th, in Green Oaks. Dold was joined by fellow Congressional Republicans Peter Roskam, known for his role on the Benghazi Committee, and climate change denier Randy Hultgren. Dold also was joined by Chairman of the Lake County Republicans Central Committee, Mark Shaw.

Dold’s fundraising effort directly helps the pro-Trump group, a partisan political organization dedicated to supporting the Republican ticket. The group has purchased hundreds of Trump for President yard signs available on its website. At a minimum, Dold’s support can now buy even more Trump for President signs.

“Bob Dold can try but he isn’t fooling anyone,” said Tenth Dems Co-Chair Bonnie Berger-Neel. “Voters know when Dold and his fellow Republicans hurt Hillary Clinton, they help Donald Trump. And that’s just not the side 10th District voters want to be on.”

This is more of the same for Bob Dold. Despite attempts to publicly distance himself from other Republicans, Bob Dold recently attended a private fundraiser with Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan—a Trump endorser—and the head of Donald Trump’s fundraising operation in Illinois.


(from left to right—Rep. Peter Roskam, Rep. Bob Dold, Rep. Randy Hultgren, Mark Shaw)


(Chairman of the Lake County Republicans Central Committee Mark Shaw posing enthusiastically in a “Make America Great Again” hat next to a cardboard Donald Trump)


(Trump for President signs paid for by Lake County Republicans Central Committee)


(Rep. Bob Dold addresses the audience at the pro-Trump group’s fundraiser, “Beat Hillary at the Distillery”)


(Trump for President sign paid for by Lake County Republicans Central Committee)

Featured Updates: Rep. Bob Dold led Clinton witch hunt with new Trump aide

dold on floor of gop conventionDeerfield, IL — Donald Trump’s new Deputy Campaign Manager David Bossie has spent decades attacking the Clintons. Before leading the right-wing group Citizens United, Bossie made waves with the infamous House Government Reform & Oversight Committee in the 1990s, where now-Republican Rep. Bob Dold was also a partisan Clinton “investigator.”

Facing tough poll numbers in his re-election bid and Trump’s unpopularity in the 10th District, Bob Dold has said he won’t support Trump—but he’s also not supporting Clinton either. Bob Dold’s refusal to support Trump’s challenger Hillary Clinton isn’t the only reason he would be welcome at Trump Tower:

  • Fresh out of law school, Dold “cut his teeth” as a partisan “Clinton investigator” for Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN). The committee Dold worked for was so extreme, House Speaker Newt Gingrich called it a “circus” and told Burton, “I’m embarrassed for you” (Washington Post, 1/31/2012).
  • As a Republican political operative in 1992 and 1996, Dold fought to keep the Clintons out of the White House.
  • This weekend Dold headlines a partisan “Beat Hillary” fundraiser for a pro-Trump group in Lake County.

Bossie and Dold’s investigation was, at best, wasteful and partisan. In a desperate attempt to tarnish the Clintons, subpoenas were given to the wrong people, witnesses were startled by overzealous investigators, and procedural norms were ignored. It was described as “a case study in how not to do a Congressional investigation and a prime example of investigation as farce” (Los Angeles Times, 5/2/98).

David Bossie has been called a “dogged anti-Clinton sleuth” (Eric Schmitt, New York Times) for his work that “helped craft the anti-Clinton playbook in the ’90s, digging up dirt as early as 1992 on the family, and played an instrumental role in turning the Whitewater scandal into the sacred right-wing text it is today” (Alex Shephard, New Republic).

“It’s obvious that Republicans from Donald Trump to Bob Dold, from David Bossie to the Lake County Republicans, are gearing up to try to defeat Hillary Clinton,” said Tenth Dems Managing Vice-Chair Barbara Altman. “Voters aren’t fooled—when Bob Dold and his fellow Republicans hurt Hillary Clinton, they help Donald Trump. That’s just not the side 10th District voters want to be on.”

Updates: Bob Dold, Stop Supporting Donald Trump

10250109_10152345788268756_7152906309193537781_nDouble Talk Dold’s actions don’t match his campaign season rhetoric

Deerfield, IL — The Tenth Congressional District Democrats (Tenth Dems) calls on Congressman Bob Dold to stop supporting Donald Trump. Voters turned off by and fearful of the prospects of a Trump presidency want to know: What exactly is Bob Dold doing to stop Donald Trump? While he repeats a talking point that sounds significant, Bob Dold shows a troubling unwillingness to stop Trump.

Republican Bob Dold told the public that he can’t support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, that he’ll write-in a mysterious other person. Just this past weekend, Dold was asked by radio host Bill Cameron who he was going to write-in for President. Bob Dold responded, “Well, I haven’t figured out who I’m going to write-in” (Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron, 8/14/16).

It’s no surprise Bob Dold can’t suggest a single alternative with a plausible chance to deny the White House to Trump. None of what Dold says shows an actual effort to stop Trump.

Even worse, Bob Dold is headlining a Republican “Beat Hillary” fundraiser with two other Republican members of Congress.

“10th District voters aren’t fooled by Bob Dold’s games. They know that stopping Trump means doing everything possible to actually stop Trump, the least of which is supporting the only person with a reasonable chance of defeating him. Bob Dold can’t say he doesn’t support Donald Trump when he’s actually working to beat Hillary Clinton,” said Tenth Dems Managing Vice-Chair Barbara Altman.

Bob Dold’s inner turmoil about how he would feel in the voting booth is meaningless. What matters to the people of the 10th District is whether Trump is elected. Dold should stop talking about how his vote makes him feel and start acting to stop Donald Trump.

In fact, Double Talk Dold’s partisan anti-Clinton fundraiser proves that his comments have been nothing but empty rhetoric. Only someone content with Trump winning the election would pay lip service to voters and the press, promise something that can’t be proven, and then take no action to stop Trump.

It’s clear that’s the path Bob Dold has chosen. Dold is working to help elect Trump while telling the public he doesn’t support him. Bob Dold should stop supporting Trump and actually start showing people how he is going to stop him.

Featured Updates: Bob Dold headlines anti-Clinton fundraiser

doldscowlDeerfield, IL — While the country becomes more and more disturbed by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and several Republicans are coming out to support Hillary Clinton, Republican Rep. Bob Dold (IL-10) is moving in the opposite direction.

Despite saying he’s not endorsing Trump or Clinton but is supporting a mysterious, unknown write-in candidate, Dold is now headlining a partisan Republican event called “Beat Hillary at the Distillery.”

The Lake County Republican fundraiser is scheduled for September 10th in Green Oaks. Congressional Republicans Peter Roskam and Randy Hultgren also will be attending “Beat Hillary at the Distillery” with their colleague Dold.

Democrats, independents, and many Republicans are trying to stop Trump. Not only does Dold refuse to stop Trump but he’s actually working with Republicans to beat Hillary Clinton.

Trump is wildly unpopular in Illinois’ 10th District. Voters are eager to reject him and politicians like Bob Dold who help Trump.

See: Full PDF invitation from the Lake County Republican Central Committee, the Lake County Republican Federation, the Women’s Republican Club of Lake Forest-Lake Bluff, and the Republican Assembly of Lake County.

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Updates: During GOP convention, Dold endorses anti-choice candidate

Deerfield, IL — With attention on the national party conventions, Rep. Bob Dold stayed in Illinois and campaigned for fellow Republican, anti-choice State Rep. Sheri Jesiel, calling her “exactly the kind of person we need in Springfield.”

Since her 2014 campaign for State Representative, Sheri Jesiel has earned high praise from anti-choice groups and has repeatedly attacked women’s reproductive rights:

  • Jesiel has led the effort to shut down Planned Parenthood in Illinois.
  • Jesiel voted against stopping religious extremists from putting women’s lives at risk by refusing to provide medical care (SB 1564).
  • Jesiel voted against increasing contraceptive coverage (HB 5576).
  • Illinois Citizens for Life gives Jesiel a 100% rating.
  • Jesiel “ran for office to protect life.” When elected, she “was advised to focus on fiscal issues. Although very important to Jesiel, she views the pro-life issue as the building block of our culture.” (Illinois Review, 5/16/2016)
  • Endorsed by the socially conservative Illinois Family Action PAC, Jesiel has “articulated personal commitment to pro-life and pro-marriage principles.”

“Republicans attacking reproductive rights need to be challenged, not embraced. Voters simply can’t trust Bob Dold to stand up for 10th District values when he stands with extreme, anti-choice Republicans like Sheri Jesiel,” said Tenth Dems Managing Vice-Chair Barbara Altman.

Recently, Dold has faced criticism for voting 22 times with his NRA-backed Republican Party to block the Terrorist No-Fly bill from reaching the House Floor despite giving a speech asking for precisely that.


Republican Rep. Bob Dold and anti-choice State Rep. Sheri Jesiel (center)