2021 Tenth Dems Annual Awards Event Honors Individuals and Excites Group

Thanks to everyone who joined us on Tuesday night for our 2021 Tenth Dems Annual Awards Night. Between all those who were there the entire time, people who stopped in for most of the program, and others who sat alongside family members to watch the festivities, over 80 folks participated. That’s quite a turnout, especially for a virtual event (when we’re all tired of Zoom) during a busy time of year. And we’re really proud about what the audience was able to see. (Check out the program booklet by clicking here.)

A lot of people helped make Tuesday night a success. Thank you first and foremost to the volunteers who put in countless hours to organize the event. There’d be no Tenth Dems without you.

Special thanks to Keynote Speaker Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, who blew us away with his effortless ability to connect with the group. Whether he was talking about being friends with his colleagues, telling us about public speaking advice he received from his preacher, or firing up the audience about how to win in 2022, Congressman Jeffries kept us hanging on his every word. He’s a leader and a rising star.

Congressman Jeffries was joined by his colleague and friend, Congresswoman Robin Kelly, who is also Chair of the Democratic Party of Illinois. She let us know that the hard work Tenth Dems has done to elect Democrats and engage activists has not gone unnoticed. And Congresswoman Kelly was clear about something else: Congressman Jeffries could very well be the next Democratic Speaker of the House.

Hearing from these two members of Congress was a wonderful experience that built on the words we heard earlier in the evening from a more familiar face in these parts, the 10th District’s very own Congressman Brad Schneider. Brad’s message meant a lot – he graciously recognized the work we’ve done for Democrats in the area, including him. We’re so glad to be represented by such a good, thoughtful person like Brad.

And we’re so proud of our award recipients, including Lake County Sheriff John Idleburg (Ab Mikva Leadership Award), Dr. Laurence “Laurie” Schiller (Founders Award), and Judy Dolins (Rosenblit Volunteer Award). Congratulations to them!

As an all-volunteer grassroots group, Tenth Dems is all about people. Supporters, interns, volunteers – this is who we are and why we’re able to continue to do the tough but worthwhile work to elect Democrats up and down the ballot during such a critical time for our country. The night was about awards, but what we do is so rewarding…because of you. Thank you, and let’s keep going in 2022!


Eric Herman
Co-Chair, Tenth Dems

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