Checking in

While 2020 has been a different kind of year in many ways and this year’s election is remarkably important, things are carrying on in pretty typical fashion: The calendar says Election Day was Tuesday but we know votes have been cast well before the polls opened that day and they’re going to be counted and then officially certified after the polls closed.

Some contests seem pretty clear. Joe Biden looks like he’s won Illinois. So, too, has Senator Dick Durbin. Our 10th District Congressman Brad Schneider will be re-elected.

Several races in our area and across the country, just like in years past, are too early to call. That is not unusual, even if our eagerness to know the final vote totals has grown in 2020.

There is so much at stake and people have worked incredibly hard up to this point. Thank you to the volunteers, supporters, and candidates for putting themselves out there.

Stay calm. Remain confident. Don’t feed into the chaos Donald Trump has long desired and his false narrative about having won already. Like so many other things that come out of his mouth, he just doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

And let’s count the votes.

–Tenth Dems

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