Tenth Dems “Stay Inside Now, Turn Out the Vote Later Party” ‒ Your absence is requested

Keep your fancy clothes in your closet. Don’t get in your car. And, whatever you do, forget about fussing with your hair. That’s because you’re invited to the Tenth Dems Stay Inside Now, Turn Out the Vote Later Party. No parking. No Zoom. No problem. It starts whenever you read this, and you can leave early if you want.

It’s really easy to get dressed for — attire is literally whatever you want to wear. There’s no hiring a babysitter, finding directions, or even charging your phone.

Get your tickets now for the Tenth Dems Stay Inside Now, Turn Out the Vote Later Party! Sponsorships available!

We’re all doing what we can to follow guidelines to combat the spread of the coronavirus. When it comes to political organizing, it means no in-person events. This makes it really hard to have typical fundraisers that help bring in money for our all-volunteer grassroots group. But Trump and the Republicans will still be on the ballot this fall, and we still need to work to elect Democrats to every office.

We’re holding our Tenth Dems Stay Inside Now, Turn Out the Vote Later Party so we can have the resources to help Democratic candidates now through Election Day, regardless of what campaigning might look like.

Join us for this simple, fun event you can “attend” with the click of a button or the stroke of a pen. Click here to purchase your tickets online, or address your check to: Tenth Dems, P.O. Box 523, Deerfield, IL 60015.

Of course it’s disappointing not to interact with fellow Democrats in person like we’ve done at our Annual Awards Dinner, or at the Democratic Unity Brunch we were planning for April, or at our Holiday Party. Still, this event pays off right away — we can have resources to support our great candidates — and a few months from now, when we turn out the votes (even if they’re mailed in) needed to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

At some point, we’ll see each other again. In the meantime, let’s keep going forward! Let’s reach all the voters we can to win as many races as possible. Our Tenth Dems Stay Inside Now, Turn Out the Vote Later Party will help with that effort.

Take the shortest ride you’ll ever take to a party. Enjoy the zero-calories meal. And, best of all, feel good about helping to elect Democrats in November.

Click here to join us for the Tenth Dems Stay Inside Now, Turn Out the Vote Later Party. The in-person events will come back down the road, but we have to make sure our communities and country have Democrats in office so we can be on the right path. Help our all-volunteer grassroots group as we support Democratic candidates in 2020.

Hope to see you there (and in person when it’s safe)!

Tenth Dems

Join us! Help elect Democrats in our area:

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